PlayStation Phone Gets 'Xperia' Branding, Runs Android 2.3

PlayStation Phone Xperia Android

Chinese factory workers seem to be receiving their Christmas bonuses late this year. First there was the "hamburglered" 3DS hardware, and now new photos of Sony's PlayStation Phone have appeared, complete with Xperia branding. The photos appear to reveal that this particular phone is running on Android 2.3 technology, and also display a model number of R800i, which has been associated with earlier Zeus models.

Game Rant has featured numerous articles around PlayStation Phone rumors before, including one with some video footage. Sony seems adamant about getting a PSPgo-esque control scheme on its portable phone, despite the fact that PSPgo has been largely a no-go for quite some time. Many reports have associated poor sales with the PSPgo's high price, despite its recent price drop.

PlayStation Phone Xperia Android Screen

With so many smartphones having the slide-out interface, Sony's newest attempt shouldn't be as easily dismissed as the PSPgo. Sony may have listened to reviewers complaining about the lack of a second analog stick, as the photos suggest there are now two analog pads in the center of the phone. Sony may show off the Xperia PlayStation Phone at the 2011 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) later this week. CES runs January 6-9, and is an appropriately huge gathering for such an unveiling.

Will the games for Xperia simply be PSP/PSP Mini ports, or will software implement touch screen mechanics? Many retro/emulated games on the iOS and other similar platforms have virtual controllers that are often criticized for either being inaccurate or unresponsive. Sony's PS Phone controller seems a logical response to parlay such criticisms.

Speculations and specifications about the PlayStation Phone have been surfacing for months. These rumors and this technology may need to be brought to light soon before they start aging (and smelling) horribly. Do you think Sony will officially reveal this piece of hardware at CES this week?

Source: hkgolden [via Engadget]

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