Still Unannounced 'PlayStation Phone' Xperia Play Commercial Leaks

PlayStation Phone Xperia Play Official Announcement

Sony isn't exactly known for keeping upcoming products under tight wraps - especially when it comes to the still unannounced PlayStation Phone, or more specifically, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play.

However, in the history of Sony leaks, no yet-to-be announced product has ever cut a commercial before - until now.

Hot on the heals of the Sony's announcement of the codenamed NGP, Next Generation Portable, the company is once again making headlines with a leaked commercial for the upcoming Xperia Play phone. The phone, which is expected to run Android OS 2.3 and will likely take advantage of Sony's recently unveiled PlayStation Suite, has yet to be officially revealed by Sony - probably to limit potential confusion with the recently announced NGP.

Check out the Xperia Play ad below:


Could the Xperia Play commercial have been intended as a Super Bowl surprise tease? It certainly seems that way, considering the lack of an official announcement, or any concrete details in the ad - aside from the "PlayStation Certified" stamp. Though we'll just have to wait until Sunday's game to find out if Android really did purchase black market thumbs overseas.

Despite the possibility that less-savvy consumers might get confused by the two PlayStation-esque handhelds, as more and more information becomes available regarding the NGP and is leaked, when it comes to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, the line between the two devices is growing increasingly clear.

The NGP is a high-powered handheld console designed to attract hardcore players looking to enjoy their gaming lifestyle on the go - with features such as "Live Area" and "Near."

PlayStation Phone Xperia Play Announcement

The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, on the other hand, seems positioned to be the go-to phone for more casual players who grew up on PS1 titles and are intrigued by the upcoming PlayStation Suite but don't care enough about next generation graphics and franchises to purchase a separate device. With a slide up screen that reveals a PSP Go-like interface, the Xperia Play is designed to offer superior portability while giving players better control over PlayStation Suite titles - when compared to touch only devices.

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No release information has been announced for the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play but the NGP will, according to Sony, be available by Holiday 2011.

Source: DroidNYTT [via Joystiq]

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