PlayStation Now: 5 Best PS4 Games On The Service (& 5 Worst)

After years of being considered as little more than an over-priced afterthought, PS Now has recently started to make strides towards offering an experience akin to Xbox Game Pass. Even though Sony's service is still not welcoming new first-party titles on release day, the reduced price of $9.99 and the possibility to download PS4 and PS2 games go a long way in making PS Now a more valid option.

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With more than 200 PS4 games available on the service, PS NOW subscribers are spoiled for choice. While there are dozens of fantastic games to try, there are also quite a few lackluster offerings. Let's take a look at the 5 best and 5 worst PS4 games available on PS Now.

10 Best: Persona 5

A recent addition to the service, Persona 5 is the type of game that justifies picking up a subscription on its own. Atlus' JRPG is simply that good of a title. With a campaign lasting approximately 80 hours, Persona 5 is split into multiple arcs centering around a specific person's Mind Palace that needs to be infiltrated by the Phantom Thieves.

Along with some fun turn-based gameplay that oozes charm and style, Persona 5 is a robust social simulator that requires multiple playthroughs to max out the protagonist's relationship with each character.

9  Worst: APB Reloaded

APB: Reloaded is a multiplayer open-world game that pits two factions in a never-ending battle for supremacy. Once a side is chosen, players engage in over-the-top third-person action mayhem to help propel their group to victory.

APB has been around for a while, so the game is clearly doing something right. Technically speaking, there are arguably worse games out there, but APB is a mediocre online experience that barely has an active playerbase on the PS4. It takes way too much luck and time to find a match in what is otherwise a poorly optimized and clunky title that has barely grown in the last few years.

Grand Theft Auto V is currently available on PS Now, which does APB: Reloaded no favors.

8 Best: Bloodborne

Bloodborne may very well be the best PS4 game of all time, and it has been available on PS Now for more than a year. Stepping into the shoes of a Hunter who must survive the Hunt and bring to an end a deadly plague, FromSoftware's gothic masterpiece takes players on an unrelenting and challenging journey through Yharnam's unforgiving streets.

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Bloodborne's combat is fast, difficult, and incredibly smooth. Compared to Dark Souls, the weapon selection is limited; however, each weapon feels unique and comes with a transformation. Bloodborne is a masterpiece.

7 Worst: Umbrella Corps

In 2016, Capcom decided to test the patience of all Resident Evil fans by dropping a game so bad, it managed to stand out among the likes of Resident Evil Survivor and Operation Raccoon CityUmbrella Corps is - bar none - the worst project to ever be tied to the legendary horror franchise.

The multiplayer shooter barely has any similarities to the core series. In fact, it feels like Capcom slapped the Resident Evil brand onto a generic shooter in the hope of tricking people into paying for this awful mess.

6 Best: DiRT Rally

If racing games are a niche genre, then rally racers take that a hundred steps further. DiRT Rally is not going to appeal to every racing fan out there, especially those who prefer arcade controls; that said, when it comes to this specific corner of the market, DiRT Rally stands unchallenged.

With 36 stages and less than 20 cars, DiRT Rally goes for quantity over quality. Codemasters crafted a precise, authentic, and visually stunning experience that requires potentially hundreds of hours to truly master.

5 Worst: Omega Quintet

PS Now has a respectable selection of JRPGs, including a few lesser-known titles that are rather rough around the edges. Omega Quintet is playable and the idea of leading an idol group against a horde of monsters is somewhat appealing, but the actual characters and story are unfortunately quite disappointing.

More importantly, PS Now also has Fairy Fencer F: Advent Dark ForceDark Rose Valkyrie, and Megadimension Neptunia VII, three somewhat similar but superior games developed by the same parent company. Omega Quintet is a waste of time.

4 Best: God Of War (2018)

What more need be said about 2018's God of War? With Olympus completely mined for gods to slay, Santa Monica opted to shift focus to Norse mythology. More importantly, this new setting coincided with a change in gameplay style, including an over-the-shoulder third-person camera and a visceral combat system with some well-implemented customization options.

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The end result is one of the PlayStation 4's best console exclusives and a great first entry into - hopefully - a new trilogy. This time around, Kratos has someone to protect, which adds depth to a character that had grown to be solely defined by a single emotion.

3 Worst: Overlord: Fellowship Of Evil

Overlord and its sequel are entertaining action-games that pivot around a minion system that is somewhat similar to Pikmin. While nothing out of this world, they are pretty good and worth a try. Conversely, Fellowship of Evil is an abomination that should be banished to the darkest pits of hell.

Switching to an isometric perspective, Fellowship of Evil plays more like an awful version of Diablo, with any of its predecessors' originality being zapped out of the package. Spin-offs are meant to deviate from the beaten path, but Fellowship of Evil takes absolutely no risks. As the franchise's last game, this 2015 title likely killed any chances of Overlord making a comeback.

2 Best: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

Uncharted 4 Drake and elena eating

If a Naughty Dog game is a candidate, then the studio is going to feature on the list. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End also happens to be among the beloved developer's strongest projects, one that brings Nathan Drake's run to a satisfying close.

As a swashbuckling adventure, Uncharted 4 is exciting, packed with unforgettable set pieces, and features a memorable cast of returning and new faces. While Uncharted always had great storylinesA Thief's End's polished gameplay is a few notches above the rest of the franchise. Well, except The Lost Legacy, but that is not currently available on PS Now.

1 Worst: Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition

Last and most definitely least, Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition tries to fine-tune an awful 7th generation title; however, a polished turd is still a turd. Now, to be fair, some leeway should be extended to what is clearly a budget title. If Air Conflicts: Vietnam's controls were anything approaching decent, this game would not be on this list. Obviously, that is not the case.

Flight sims leave and die by their complexity and authenticity, two things that are utterly absent in Air Conflicts. Viewed as an arcade game, Vietnam Ultimate Edition is too lethargic and bland to hold any interest.

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