Sony Adds PlayStation Now to PS3 This Month, Vita ‘Soon’

By | 1 year ago 

It’s been more that a year since we first heard about Sony’s plans to create a digital game rental service called PlayStation Now. Since then, it’s been rolled out for the PlayStation 4 — and now it’s being extended to other consoles in the PlayStation family.

Sony made an official announcement on the PlayStation Blog yesterday, confirming that PlayStation Now would be made available on the PlayStation 3 on May 12. Players will be able to select from a library of over 100 hundred games, either by picking and choosing the titles they want or subscribing for access to the complete library.

PlayStation Now was welcomed as a method of offering backwards compatibility for the PlayStation 4 without the need for a hardware solution, but its pricing strategy caused something of a backlash during early beta tests. Some would evensay it’s still not a cost-effective way to revisit the PlayStation 3 library.

That makes it a hard sell on a console where those games are widely available for discount prices, so it remains to be seen just how well the service will do on the PlayStation 3. However, it seems much more likely that players would want to use PlayStation Now on the go via the use of their Vita.

PlayStation Now Selection

PlayStation Now works by streaming games from a central system of modified PlayStation 3 units, which have been miniaturized as much as possible to save on space. Because of this, any device with a fast, stable Internet connection could feasibly use the service to run PlayStation 3 titles just as well as the actual console.

Support for Sony’s ailing handheld has been in the works for some time, but it seems like it’s almost ready for the masses. Senior director of the PlayStation Now project Jack Buser took to the comments section of the blog posted yesterday to tell one fan ‘we’re working on it, so stay tuned’.

While the Vita is all but extinct in most territories, it’s easy to see how owners of the device might be tempted to bring it out of retirement thanks to PlayStation Now — especially once its library of games is extended beyond PlayStation 3 titles to offer current-gen releases.

PlayStation Now is set to release across a range of devices this year, including some Smart TVs. A seven-day trial period will be available for free to any new subscriber looking to try out the service when it hits the PlayStation 3 on May 12.

Source: PlayStation Blog