It's Now Possible to Play God of War, Other PS4 Exclusives on PC

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Sony is making a big push for its cloud gaming service PlayStation Now. PlayStation Now allows subscribers to stream video games to their PC or PS4, regardless of hardware. Virtually all that's required is an internet connection that will support streaming 720p visuals. Perhaps the most exciting new addition to the service is a selection of some of the PS4's best games, including God of War, which means that PC gamers will soon, for the first time, have access to one of PlayStation's biggest hits.

Four games were announced by Sony recently as coming to the PlayStation Now service, with three being PS4 exclusives. God of War is the most prominent exclusive on the list, having just released in 2018. The other two exclusives are Uncharted 4: A Thief's End and inFAMOUS Second Son. The fourth game, which may not be a PS4 exclusive but is certain to be highly demanded, is Grand Theft Auto 5.

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There is some fine text to the announcement of new PlayStation Now titles, however. These four games will only be available for PlayStation Now subscribers to check out for a limited amount of time. All four games are available now for PlayStation Now subscribers, but will be removed from the service on January 2, 2020. Any PC gamers or PS4 owners who haven't picked up a retail copy of God of War will have to make the most of the offer in the next three months.

According to Sony, it plans to perpetually roll out a "new selection of marquee games" month to month. That way, the service's selection of new games is constantly fresh and new subscribers are encouraged to join on a routine basis. God of War and the other PS4 titles likely aren't going to be gone from the service forever. They'll be off the service just long enough that their return will be all the more enticing. It'd be surprising if God of War wasn't back on PlayStation Now for the PS5 launch.

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The four new PlayStation Now games added to the service are just one part of Sony's big push. The other half is the major PlayStation Now price drop, which offers PlayStation Now for $10 monthly or $60 annually. The move makes the service comparable in price to Xbox's popular Game Pass subscription service. All that's left for Sony to add is a combination PlayStation Now and PS Plus subscription for a lower overall price.

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