The 10 Best Games On PlayStation Now In 2019, According To Metacritic

Sony's PlayStation Now predates and, in terms of games, outnumbers Microsoft's Xbox Game Pass; yet, the latter has largely overshadowed the former. This discrepancy in appeal mainly comes down to two points: The Game Pass' cheaper subscription and the PS Now focusing on streaming. In 2019, both arguments have been rendered mostly moot, as Sony's service has reduced its price to $9.99 and PlayStation 4 titles can nowadays be downloaded on their respective console. Sadly, streaming remains the only option for PS3 titles and those using PS Now on PC.

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That said, the service has never been more tempting. With more than 700 games available through PS Now, picking out the best games can be a tall order. In order to simplify that task, here are the 10 best games on PlayStation Now in 2019, according to Metacritic.

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Uncharted 4 Car chase swinging on a ropeUncharted 4 Car chase swinging on a rope
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10 Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End (93)

Uncharted 4 Car chase swinging on a ropeUncharted 4 Car chase swinging on a rope

Nathan Drake's globetrotting escapades came to a fitting end in 2016's Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, a game many fans cite as the franchise's best. Opting for a more personal story than ever, A Thief's End blends the license's traditional action-oriented set-pieces with character development, improved combat, enjoyable puzzles, and visuals capable of challenging any other title on the PlayStation 4.

The campaign can be somewhat of a slow-burner, with things not really kicking off until a few chapters into the story; nevertheless, A Thief's End is a masterpiece and among Naughty Dog's greatest accomplishments.

9 BioShock (94)

What can be said about BioShock that has not been repeated ad nauseam over the last decade? Often credited with demonstrating the potential of the gaming medium to tell a compelling and deep narrative, BioShock takes players on a journey into the dystopian world of Rapture, an underwater paradise that proved to be closer to a living hell.

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As far as FPS go, BioShock is serviceable, with the Plasmids granting some degree of customization to the weapon loadout. However, this is one title worth primarily playing for its gripping narrative and iconic setting.

8 Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (94)

Metal Gear Solid is Hideo Kojima's masterpiece, with every entry being worth experiencing in some form or another. While Sons of Liberty and Peace Walker are arguably the best in the series, they are only available as part of the HD Collection on PS Now. Consequently, the franchise's highest-rated title on the medium is the PS3's Guns of the Patriots.

Newcomers should resist the urge to jump in at this point, especially since the earlier games are also available through Sony's service. Guns of the Patriots is a story-driven experience, one packed with excruciatingly long cut-scenes, so some personal investment in the characters and universe is recommended.

7 God Of War (94)

The entirety of the God of War series is available on PS Now, with the PS4's fourth main-entry only being added recently. 2018's game marked a steep departure from the previous entries, presenting a pseudo-open-world while altering the combat to suite a behind-the-shoulder camera. This time around, Kratos has something to protect rather than solely seeking to satisfy a desire for revenge.

The entire series is worth playing but God of War is a fine entry point for those who have no desire to play the older titles.

6 BioShock Infinite (94)

Considered the true sequel to 2007's BioShockInfinite represents another case of the setting and narrative taking precedence over the gameplay, even though the latter is far from terrible. As a counter to Rapture's defunct underwater paradise, Infinite's Columbia floats highs in the sky and seems to be thriving.

While the main character is Booker DeWitt, the real star of the show is Elizabeth, a fun NPC who sticks around for the entire journey but - thankfully - remains largely unintrusive during combat.

5 Red Dead Redemption (95)

Nobody does character-driven open-world adventures like Rockstar Games, and Red Dead Redemption presents a convincing argument for being one of the studio's greatest works. The Western setting may not sound appealing to everyone, but the characters are quite timeless. John Marston is a brilliant and relatable protagonist, while the rest of the cast features various fascinating NPCs who leave a lasting impression.

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Like most of Rockstar's games, the gameplay is somewhat stiff and takes some adjusting to. Once a level of comfort with the controls is reached, Red Dead Redemption begins to truly shine.

4 The Last Of Us (95)

By this point, The Last of Us needs no introduction. Naughty Dog's horror-adventure game won all of the awards in the world, with a sequel being set to drop in 2020. Is it as good as everyone says? Pretty much.

Sure, the gameplay is only decent and the narrative holds little in the way of surprises, assuming someone is not a stranger to the zombie genre. Conversely, Naughty Dog executes these familiar story beats flawlessly, largely thanks to The Last of Us' grounded protagonist, Joel, and the lovable Ellie.

3 Batman: Arkham City (96)

Once upon a time, superhero titles chiefly consisted of cheap licensed games that sought to merely ape the standard traits of popular genres with little to no attempt to capture the spirit of the source material. The Arkham games embody Batman. All four entries - yes, even Origins - are great; however, Arkham City earned the highest aggregate score on Metacritic.

With a dense open-world waiting to be explored and some of the best combat to ever grace consoles, Arkham City is one of those games that can be replayed over and over again without ever getting boring.

2 Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (96)

A Thief's End's only rival for best game in the franchise is Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. 2009's sequel was a drastic leap forward over its predecessor, especially when it comes to the story's pacing and environments.

The combat is decent but a few notches below other third-person shooters like Gears of War; that said, Uncharted has always prioritized crafting a breathtaking sense of adventure over mowing down waves of enemies (even if there is a lot of the latter).

1  Grand Theft Auto V (97)

Another recent additionGrand Theft Auto V is a huge coup for PS Now. Rockstar's fifth entry scored a near-perfect 97 aggregate score on Metacritic, with only games from the same studio managing to rival that achievement on the PS3 and Ps4.

As the third best selling video game of all time, Grand Theft Auto V's brilliance has been repeatedly stated since the open-world title dropped in 2013. The single-player campaign tells a well-told and self-contained narrative about three very different people coming together to wreak havoc in Los Santos. It is just as much fun as it sounds.

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