PlayStation Network Summer Sale 2010 is Full of Amazing Deals

PSN Summer Sale 2010

On August 3rd Sony introduced their Summer Sale 2010 on the PlayStation Network Store. An assortment of PS3, PSP, and minis are discounted in order to drive up sales or possibly offer some competition to Microsoft’s summer arcade promotion.

There are a few big games on the list and if you haven’t picked them up already, now is a good time. On the PlayStation 3 side, Fat Princess and Madden NFL Arcade are down to $7.49 from $14.99. The PSP has GTA Chinatown Wars, Lunar Silver Star Harmony, and Eye of Judgment Legends for $14.99, a nice discount from their normal $29.99 price point.

This sale is through Monday, August 9th and is for North American users. The full list of games for Sony’s Summer Sale 2010 can be found below.


Fat Princess — $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.PixelJunk Shooter — $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.Groovin’ Blocks — $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.Madden NFL Arcade — $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.Wakeboarding HD— $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.


The Eye of Judgment Legends— $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.echoshift— $7.49 sale; $14.99 reg.Patchwork Heroes — $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars — $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.Lunar Silver Star Harmony — $14.99 sale; $29.99 reg.


Tetris — $4.99 sale; $9.99 reg.Dracula Undead Awakenings — $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.Monsters (Probably) Stole My Princess — $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.Zombie Tycoon — $2.49 sale; $4.99 reg.Bloons — $1.49 sale; $2.99 reg.

So is anyone going to pick up any of these great Summer Sale deals? Usually it seems Sony only puts games on sale that I am never interested in, but this promotion has a few appealing options. GTA Chinatown Wars was great on the DS, and I wouldn’t mind trying out the PSP version for $15.

Source: Playstation Blog

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