One of the worst cyber attacks in history may also end up being a historically long blackout for a premier internet service. Sony’s been hard at work trying to restore the PlayStation Network with new security that would protect all its users from future cyberattacks, but entering into the 17th day without PSN access it’s starting to feel like the end is nowhere near in sight.

Earlier this week Sony promised that it was going to have service restored by the end of the week, but now that Friday has come and gone it doesn’t look like they’re going to be able to make good on that particular claim.

An update to the PlayStation Blog now confirms what many were already starting to suspect yesterday, PlayStation Network restoration simply isn’t happening this week. Truthfull, it sounds like Sony isn’t very sure when service will resume, taking a page from the great developers Blizzard and Valve by giving a “when its ready” stance.

The post also admits that when the company stated that service would resume this week, Sony was still unaware of the extent of the attacks on its Sony Online Entertainment servers – which had been attacked last weekend. Friday morning rumors were starting to swirl that Sony’s websites were going to be the target of even more attacks this weekend, and if they do occur it could mean that Sony will have to focus some efforts on maintaining those services as well.

If there’s any good news to be had from all of this, its that Sony is in the internal testing stage. Not only are Sony’s people on the job, but a variety of outside entities who are working hard to verify the security of their system before it goes live again are also involved. Unfortunately, this also means that additional system checks need to be completed before Sony can bring services back online.

PSN Outage Continues

After all the negative press this whole ordeal has generated, releasing the system before its ready and suffering yet another attack would seriously undermine Sony’s efforts to prove to their constumers that they’re capable of being responsible with the data that they’re given.

Sony is offering a large number of benefits to its customer base as tokens of goodwill, including identity theft protection coverage up to $1,000,000 and a free month of access to both its PlayStation Plus and Qriosity services.

Are you surprised that PlayStation Network access isn’t going to be returning this weekend or did you expect that this was going to happen?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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