Is PlayStation Network About to Let Users Change Their Names?


There's no doubt that Sony Interactive Entertainment is constantly hard at work trying to hone and refine the PlayStation Network (PSN) and its features in order to provide its myriad users with the best online experience they could possibly have. Now, it sounds as if the company is preparing to deliver on one of the most requested features for the service yet, with the ability for PlayStation Network users to change their usernames supposedly coming soon.

According to a recent report from Kotaku, multiple anonymous developers of multiplayer PlayStation games have informed the site that the highly anticipated PSN name change feature is on the way. Apparently, three different individuals from separate game studios have spent the last several months working on bugs and tweaking settings to make their games compatible with the new feature. As further evidence, a fourth person shared a photo with the outlet of an internal Sony document showing the option "edit username."


There's currently no time frame as to when the feature could arrive, and the aforementioned developers have suggested that as a result of how PSN IDs were originally implemented–that is, linking one's account ID to their username instead of to another universally unique identifier–there's the chance that retroactively fixing old multiplayer games could wind up becoming an incredibly time-consuming and arduous task. When asked for comment about the matter, Sony did not respond.

All things considered, PlayStation Network users have been asking for the ability to change their user names for quite some time. Sony knows about fans' demand for the feature, as it sent out a survey several months ago asking if PSN name changes were something users were actually interested in. So, with this issue being on Sony's radar, it wouldn't be too outlandish if the company finally gives the fans what they want out of the service in this case.

Source: Kotaku

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