A Twitter user reveals that during the financial year that ended March 31, 2016, Sony’s PlayStation Network generated more revenue than the whole of Nintendo during the same period.

With sales of the Wii U languishing far behind Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One, it’s fair to say that Nintendo has been struggling a bit in the console race. Unfortunately for the big N, newly released details of Sony’s earnings over the past year has put into perspective just how far the video game giant has fallen in recent years.

Twitter user ZhugeEX revealed that during the financial year ending on March 21, 2016, Sony’s PlayStation Network alone actually earned more money than all of Nintendo. The PlayStation Network generated approximately 529.1 billion yen in sales, whereas Nintendo “only” made 504.4 billion yen during that same period. In terms of actual profit, Sony made 88.7 billion yen while Nintendo made 32.8 billion yen, a difference that is undoubtedly worrying to the big N.

The revenue generated by Sony’s PlayStation Network is undoubtedly fueled by the PlayStation 4’s massive install base, which has surpassed 40 million units sold worldwide. Couple those impressive sales numbers with a steady stream of money from every purchase, and a subscription fee for every user, it’s no surprise that the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation network is a big source of income for Sony.

The gap between Sony and Nintendo looks to only widen in the upcoming months if rumors of a new PlayStation 4 model are to be believed, but it appears that the big N is taking the hits now in exchange for some longer-term success.

Just recently, it was announced that the Nintendo NX is scheduled for launch for March 2017. Couple that with the new Legend of Zelda’s delay, and rumors about the development of several NX launch titles such as Super Smash Bros., and it looks like Nintendo is preparing to hedge its bets on 2017. With reports of the Wii U ending production in 2018, there’s a lot on the line for Nintendo and its upcoming NX console next year.

The financial results may not seem promising, but it’s not all doom and gloom for Nintendo. While the Wii U may be struggling, the Nintendo 3DS is still selling well enough, and the upcoming launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon will surely offset any losses that Nintendo may experience this year.

While the success of Sony is great news, the industry needs Nintendo to get back on its feet. Should its plans pay off, hopefully the big N will start winning back gamers, and start closing that big revenue and sales gap to Sony.

Source: Twitter (via EuroGamer)

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