According to numerous reports from gamers, Sony’s PlayStation Network is encountering issues, with fans around the world unable to access its numerous services.

Sony’s online infrastructure has hit a major snag today as the PlayStation Network (PSN) is experiencing problems, preventing gamers from logging into multiple services on the platform via PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and PS Vita. Not only are some fans having trouble accessing PSN, but they’re also unable to partake in games themselves, with Destiny‘s PlayStation 4 players reportedly being locked out of Bungie’s action-MMO altogether, preventing them from playing in the last day of Iron Banner.

After attempting to log in to the PlayStation Network, a message appears after a short while, reading, “PlayStation Network is currently undergoing maintenance (WS-37432-9).” The official status page for PSN proclaims that all services are up and running, but apparently that’s not the case for a lot of fans around the globe.

However, Sony has officially addressed the issue via Twitter. As seen in the tweet below, the company assures fans that it’s working on a fix to restore all services. As of writing, though, the tech firm has yet to disclose what might be the cause of PSN’s “connectivity issues”.

This is not a good way to start the month, for this is the already the second time that PlayStation Network has gone down this year, as PSN experienced network issues across all platforms for nearly 24 hours in January. Of course, Sony went on to rectify the situation, and later gave players who subscribed to PlayStation Plus a one day extension for the outage as an apology.

Nevertheless, this has become a disconcerting trend, as 2015 was rife with instances involving the PlayStation Network’s connectivity issues, and they typically came at the most inopportune moments possible. For example, PSN went down on 4th of July weekend from a DDoS attack last year, leaving many to lament their subscription to the service, and that was one of about a dozen instances.


Of course, Sony isn’t the only company to encounter such problems. In fact, just last month, Microsoft’s Xbox Live went down, causing Snoop Dogg to consider switching platforms. However, should he actually follow through with the decision to do so, he’ll probably be even more disappointed, as it seems that PSN goes down even more than Xbox Live does.

Fans should not have to become accustomed to these interruptions when using the PlayStation Network. They pay top dollar to not only ensure that online services are functional, but they also do so to have their data related to PSN safe and secure. Yes, it’s understandable for scheduled maintenance to occur every now and again in order to keep the network running smoothly, but just like the multiple outages PlayStation Network has experienced in the recent past, this was not planned. Now, more than ever, Sony needs to step up and assure its fans that it’s working to create a better PlayStation Network that they deserve.

There’s no word as to when maintenance for PSN will be finished, but check back with us here at Game Rant for any updates on the matter.

Source: NeoGAF (via GameSpot)