PlayStation Network Gamers' Choice Awards 2011 Winners

PSN Gamers Choice 2011

Last month Sony announced the first annual PSN Gamers' Choice Awards to kick off their Spring Fever sales event. These awards consist of four categories, and the winners in each category will go on sale for 30% off for regular users, and 50% for PlayStation Plus subscribers for the week.

PSN users were given 8 days to vote on which of the 20 eligible games they thought was most deserving in the following categories. Although I am a little disappointed Scott Pilgrim didn't make the cut, these are some quality games to add to your collection if you are looking to beef it up before the Summer comes around.

Take a look at the downloadable titles that won:

Castle Crashers finally made its debut on PSN last year after its temporary Xbox 360 exclusivity and the win is certainly well deserved. The PSP sequels to God of War have always been top notch, and Ghost of Sparta is no exception.

As for Dead Nation, our review late last year should speak for itself in terms of the quality of this exclusive. Age of Zombies is another fun download with enough content to make it worth picking up for the sale. If you had ever questioned whether any of these games were worth picking up, now is the time to try them out.

Not only are these winning games going to be discounted for a week, the Spring Fever sale officially kicks off today, with new PS3 games and discounts every week throughout the season. It will be interesting to see what kind of sales we will see on top of this in the coming weeks.

Did any of you Ranters neglect to pick up some of these downloadable award winners last year? Is the sale enough to change your mind?

All of the winners of the PSN Gamer's Choice Awards and more are on sale starting today as the PlayStation Network's Spring Fever begins.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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