Sony confirms that it is bringing the PlayStation MVP Program to an end, with the tech giant closing down the video game community scheme as of April 18.

Throughout gaming history, a number of different publishers and creators have tried to tap in to their core audience through exclusive gaming programs. Now, it seems as though one of these schemes is coming to an end. Sony has announced that the PlayStation MVP Program is going to be shut down, with the project closing its doors on April 18.

The news was revealed to members of the scheme via email, with some of those involved in the PlayStation MVP Program sharing their contact on the matter over on NeoGAF. “As of Monday, April 18, PlayStation will no longer actively support the MVP Program,” read the message received. “We want to thank you for your participation in the program and your enthusiasm in making PlayStation the best place to play.”

The MVP Program was a scheme created by Sony for the most highly-engaged PlayStation community members to give something back to the community at large. Sony’s official description of the project is as follows:

“As a member of the PlayStation MVP, you’ll help host exclusive game events and tournaments, create content such as walk-throughs and help articles for fellow PlayStation gamers on the PlayStation Forums, and share your expert opinions on PlayStation products through exclusive panels and discussion sessions with the PlayStation Community Management team.”


The news has come as a real disappointment for members of the MVP Program, although it appears as though some kind of major change was expected. A number of members had not received any contact regarding the scheme since January, while others have suggested that the MVP community itself was starting to weaken. Even though the PS4 in particular is continuing to sell incredibly well, it seems as though this community program has been deemed no longer necessary.

Whether Sony brings in another scheme as a kind of MVP surrogate remains to be seen, however. The company has suggested that it is continuing to “explore ways to empower the vibrant PlayStation community across our on-console and digital ecosystem,” but only time will tell as to whether that becomes something more substantial. Sony may want to take a step back from direct involvement, after the closure of the MVP Program and the doomed social network project PlayStation Home.

In any case, this is yet another behind-the-scenes change at Sony. Recently, the company closed down DriveClub developer Evolution Studios, and a much more long-term switch happened in the form of the team-up of Sony Computer Entertainment and Sony Network Entertainment to form Sony Interactive Entertainment. It looks like Sony is gearing up to take on some new ideas.

Source: NeoGAF

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