New PlayStation Move Promo Site Pokes Fun at Kinect's Lack of Buttons

Move and Kinect

Since both Sony and Microsoft are choosing to enter the motion control arena at relatively the same time, one of the companies is going to have to talk up their own strengths while belittling the silly design choices of the other in an effort to separate themselves. And now it looks like Sony and the PlayStation Move have struck the first blow with their website Yay Buttons.

Over at the site, guests are greeted by an interactive representation of the Move controller and taken through a lengthy diatribe on the importance of buttons for gaming -- essentially boiling it down to the fact that buttons give individual players ultimate control. Using the interactive controller Sony is attempting to instill the belief that their Move tech, a motion controller with buttons, is superior to the experience found using the controller-less Kinect.

Some clever points made by the site include the fact that not having to shout out pause instead of pressing a pause button allows for one of your “I think I’m hilarious” friends to pause your game in an effort to distract you. Furthermore, they suggest that buttons bring with them an inherent variety of abilities each of which are tied to a different buttons - things like melee attacks vs. magic-based attacks.

While this in no way is the knockout punch on Kinect, it is a bold move on Sony’s part to attempt to "out" Kinect in such a way. Falling in line with Sony’s recent humorous turn in all of their marketing materials headlined by comedic genius and V.P. of Auditory Opinions, Kevin Butler, this site proves that Sony’s best bet at keeping awareness of their products high is with memorable commercials.

On the other hand, Kinect does not plan to lay down and die and will certainly strike back in some fashion. Since the Move is more or less a more precise Wii-mote there is a lot of potential for a Microsoft rebuttal. While I don’t expect a response from the more casually oriented Microsoft it would keep in the spirit of good-natured ribbing if some sort of counter-attack were made.

What are you feelings on buttons, Ranters? Are they integral to the play experience or could you see a world without them? Let us know in the comments below.

PlayStation Move is set for a September 19th release.

Source: Yay Buttons

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