PlayStation Move: Lagtastic?

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Here at Game Rant, we’ve already reported on Sony’s ultimate hope for the upcoming PlayStation Move:  Precise, one-to-one control that will attract the hardcore gamer.  Well, that lofty dream may be seriously crippled by the 22 ms of lag reported to accompany the new motion controller.

A reporter over at iTWire had the privilege of playing around with the Move at Sony’s press event in Australia and relayed some of his first impressions.  Specifically, some of the Move titles, such as the archery game, will utilize two controllers at once to enhance the gameplay experience.  Also, the graphics look “great” and the feeling of the games are “accurate.”

However, iTWire’s experience wasn’t all smiles and sunshine:

“The other game used a single Move controller…In this game I got the chance to swat bugs on the screen, with my hand (holding the Move) turned into a tennis racket.  This game highlighted the slight lag between actions and on-screen reaction, Sony says this is 22 ms, and it is a little noticeable.”

Yikes.  All of our so-called “hardcore gamers” probably just cringed, as 22 ms could easily make the difference between survival and getting your head ripped off by some Lovecraftian horror.  And with Sony waiting until E3 2010 to release further information on the Move’s launch date and game titles, this news is now the elephant in the room for the coming weeks.

So, is 22 ms enough to jeopardize the Move’s critical and financial success?  Can Sony work out the kinks in time for the Move’s release date?  Or are we just making a big deal out of nothing?

The PlayStation Move is set to release in the fall of this year.

Source: iTWire

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