PlayStation Move Looks To Hit The Ground Running

PlayStation Move Hits Ground Running

The time has finally come, with Sony announcing that their next video game venture, the PlayStation Move, is available in stores everywhere. While many of the "gaming elite" are still unconvinced, seeing the Move as a kid-friendly fad, the good people over at Sony aren't intimidated by their apathy. The idea that these systems won't exactly be flying off of shelves today is a sentiment that even Sony shares.

But make no mistake, this is history being made. Record-breaking sales on launch day are great and all, but with Move, Sony knows that they're in for the long haul. The one thing that has been clear in the lead up to the Move's launch is Sony's confidence in the product, and they continue to trust that their hard work will be rewarded. Jack Tretton, the CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC reiterated his excitement in Sony's press release:

"The launch of PlayStation Move is the latest in a long line of innovations over the past 15 years that demonstrate how the PlayStation® brand continues to push the videogame industry forward,"

"We've spent a lot of time perfecting the motion control technology of PlayStation Move, and we are confident this is a benchmark in entertainment innovation that will change the way consumers interact with games."

Tretton isn't wrong about PlayStation's history of industry-changing moments, and their ascent to power over the last 15 years means that those of you who continue to scoff may want to bite your tongues for the time being. The same skepticism about motion control was prevalent prior to the launch of the Nintendo Wii, and we all know how that story turned out. Nintendo continues to compete on a level that very few hardcore gamers would have even thought possible. But as Richard Doherty, Research Director for The Envisioneering Group at Sony makes clear, Move is not trying to impersonate the Wii, or steal from its success, but push the entire standard of motion control forward:

"Consumers worldwide are showing increasing interest in motion-controlled, immersive gaming experiences and Sony's designers have crafted precision game controllers using pin-point accurate, intuitive controls...PlayStation Move is poised to attract game players of all ages and genres this Holiday season, raising the bar for interactive entertainment for years to come."

Ambition is obviously the word of the day over at Sony, and who can blame them. They've distinguished themselves as a place where risks can be taken, and have had far more hits than misses with that philosophy. The announcement that Move controls will be patched in to Heavy Rain next week should symbolize quite a bit. Quantic Dream's cinematic, interactive work of art would probably never have been realized without Sony's willingness to experiment, and try something that hadn't been done before. How fitting it is for that title to be among the first full games to showcase the potential of Sony's vision of motion control.

Sony has gone all out in their ad campaigns to try to get people's interest peaked through humor, occasionally going a little too far. But with rumors surrounding what major titles may be Move-supported, the impact that Move will have is anybody's guess at this point. Many continue to see Move being an HD version of the Wii as a negative, while some of us might argue that a next-gen version of the Wii is something that's desperately needed. With a range of games from Socom to Sorcery set to feature Move, it seems like Sony is keeping to their word on providing a gaming experience for all ages.

There's always a good amount of skepticism and dismissive attitudes whenever something new is announced, but it's not like Sony is fighting to be taken seriously. We have only had three major console releases from Sony ever, and Move is the fourth. Time has shown that it's unwise to bet against Sony when they innovate (here's lookin' at you, Blu-ray) and this may prove to be yet another day that would change the entire industry of gaming. But only time will tell, and there really is no way to predict how this whole thing is going to turn out.

So while some of you out there may sigh, thinking of the PlayStation Move that is, keep in mind that many of us here at Game Rant and elsewhere in the gaming world, are holding our breath, thinking of what the Move might someday become.

PlayStation Move is available now, exclusively for the PS3.

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