Watch the PlayStation Neo Reveal Event Live


Sony Interactive Entertainment's PlayStation Meeting 2016 starts today in New York City, and gaming fans can watch a livestream of the event right here.

Similar to Sony's event hosted in 2013 before the launch of the PlayStation 4, the company is holding a show at the PlayStation Theater in New York City on Broadway today from 3:00 PM ET to 5:00 PM ET called the PlayStation Meeting. Although the tech firm has not specifically detailed what will be covered during the event, many are expecting Sony to use the affair as a platform to unveil the hardware for its updated console known as the PlayStation Neo.

Since Sony has already officially confirmed the existence of its high-end PS4 with the PlayStation Neo back in June of this year, it's almost a given that the 4K-capable console will make an appearance at the PlayStation Meeting 2016. That said, with it having the code-name of "Neo," it's quite possible that Sony goes on to announce a brand new title for the system, in addition to a price tag and an initial look at its power in action.


Beyond the PlayStation Neo, one of the other major announcements fans and analysts believe Sony will make involves the company's actual acknowledgement and reveal of the long-rumored PS4 Slim. With the more compact version of the firm's most recent console already out and exposed in the wild — there's even a teardown video for the Slim online, for instance — it would be strange for Sony not to admit to its actuality during this year's PlayStation Meeting, but of course, nothing is guaranteed.

Aside from PlayStation consoles themselves, Sony could also take the time during the event to give consumers a glimpse at the design for the DualShock 4 controller that's supposedly going to be packaged with the PS4 Slim systems. Although its setup isn't much different than the current models, there are some notable changes. For example, the face buttons are to be gray, and the light indicator shines through the peripheral's touch-pad instead of just the top of the controller in between the trigger buttons.


Of course, with PlayStation VR's release date occurring next month, fans ought to anticipate Sony making mention of the headset at least once during today's function as well, especially considering the fact that this could be one of the last times for the company to promote the technology in such a grand way. Perhaps Sony will give the audience and those watching at home a more thorough look at the titles that are included on PS VR's demo disc.

Speaking of games, with the Neo more than likely being the main focus for today's PlayStation Meeting, it would be wise if Sony also used the presentation of the console's might to display one of its exclusive releases. There are plenty from which to choose, but it's safe to say that action-driven titles like the forthcoming God of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, and Spider-Man would be the best candidates to exhibit the strength of the PlayStation Neo. After all, the primary reason fans would want to spring for the mid-cycle console upgrade would be to play games that not only offer exciting experiences, but also project gorgeous graphics.

The PlayStation Meeting 2016 for the PlayStation Neo goes live today at 3:00 PM ET and ends at 5:00 PM ET.

Source: PlayStation — Twitch

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