Capcom is partnering with the Humble Bundle to offer a selection of 13 different PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 games, as well as coupons for additional games.

At the rate that the Humble Bundle company has been releasing new bundles these past few years, it’s difficult to imagine there’s many interesting ideas left to capitalize on for them. This is the company that started out with charitable small indie game bundles released months after each other and has grown into a multiple-bundle-per-week PC gaming outlet. With a ton of major publishers supporting them, where do they have to go next? How about onto PlayStation platforms?

Today marked the launch of the very first PlayStation Humble Bundle, care of one of the Humble Bundle’s regular partners – Capcom. Every single game offered in the bundle is for PlayStation platforms. All of the games are available on PlayStation 3 specifically, but the bundle offers buyers the option of choosing a PlayStation 4 version of several of the games. A total of 15 games are included in the bundle, so long as the buyer pays the maximum of $15. Only three of those are available for PlayStation 4, but a couple of big coupons for two more PS4 titles.

As said, the full bundle can be unlocked with a $15 purchase, all of which can be put towards charity, Capcom, or the Humble Bundle based on the buyer’s choice. The only games limited by the $15 price tag, however, are the Devil May Cry HD Collection and Resident Evil 0 Remastered (plus a 50% PS4 coupon for Mega Man Legacy Collection). A majority of the games are either in the “Pay $1 or More” or “Beat the Average” categories. The average, by the way, has already climbed to near $12. Apparently that $15 tier is just too juicy.

Humble Capcom PlayStation Bundle - Average

That this is the first PlayStation Humble Bundle is rather significant, though it’s not the first major platform to support one. Nintendo has had at least a couple successful Humble Bundles already. Yet this move marks a significant shift. Sony’s kept a firm hand on digital sales through the PlayStation Store for some time. So when Capcom, which has a close working relationship with Sony right now, is able to participate in this type of event it shows a lot of promise for further opportunities.

It also marks a potential push by Sony into the PC market. News let slip earlier this morning that Sony’s PlayStation Now, a service that allows subscribers to stream games they don’t own to their console, is available on PC. This, combined with today’s Humble Bundle, marks an interesting marketing strategy towards PC gamers. You might think they’ve got a couple of big console announcements coming up in the next few weeks.

The Capcom PlayStation Humble Bundle is available now via the Humble Bundle website.

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