PlayStation Home Update 1.5, 'SodiumTwo: Project Velocity' Revealed

Playstation Home Update 1.5 Details

PlayStation Home has been going strong with various new updates that feature everything from increased game integration to new areas for avatars to explore, but none have held more promise than Sony’s just announced update 1.5.

As part of a GDC press conference, Sony revealed that Home update 1.5 will introduce some exciting new features, namely low-lag realtime multiplayer capabilities, for developers to play around with. Much like players were able to watch trailers or videos with a large group of people, players will soon be able to have a comparable multiplayer experience whilst in the virtual world of Home.

While Home update 1.3 was more focused on making the experience of Home feel like an expanded version of Second Life, update 1.5 is centered on the idea that Home can be just as much about the gaming experience as anything else -- gaming experiences, as Sony sees it, like those of a first person shooter or racing game.

To prove the concept Sony unveiled SodiumTwo: Project Velocity, a racing game in the same vein as Wipeout HD. It is currently "scheduled for release in conjunction" with the 1.5 update, and will be free to play. Based on the video Sony released, the game looks extremely impressive, both in its use of Home 1.5’s improved physics and in its resemblance to Wipeout. Take a look at the SodiumTwo: Project Velocity trailer.

Sodium Two is set to receive the hands-on treatment on the GDC show floor, so expect more news on the Home-based title later this week.

Certainly a huge step forward for Home, update 1.5 has the potential to really bring a new age of interest to the oft-overlooked virtual world. If players can participate in bite-sized games, or even full versions of popular multiplayer titles within the Home space, there is the potential for Home to become the most varied free MMO on the market.

Are you looking forward to SodiumTwo: Project Velocity?What other game genres would you like to see realized within the virtual world of PlayStation Home? Do you think that this game development platform will bring new participants to Home?

The PlayStation Home 1.5 Update and SodiumTwo: Project Velocity currently have no projected release dates.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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