'PlayStation Home' Shuts Down In March 2015

PlayStation Home Shut Down March 2015

The PlayStation Network has played host to countless memorable services over the course of its history. From PlayStation Plus to Now, Sony has strived to push the envelope in terms of how gamers consume their favorite media. Then, there's PlayStation Home. Acting as part game, part social network, the service has become a love-it-or-hate-it affair. For the more invested users then, it will likely come as a blow to learn that the service will soon be closing its doors.

Beginning its life on the PS3 in December 2008, PlayStation Home has stood tall for over half a decade as the PS3's go-to social platform. Allowing users to customize their avatars and homes with purchased items, chat with others, and play minigames themed after upcoming and recent releases, it represented Sony's commitment to bringing people together. As of November 12, 2014, though, new content will no longer be coming to PlayStation Home with March 31, 2015 acting as the day the platform officially shuts down.

With Judgement Day approaching, Sony has announced that they will be releasing free content as thanks to the users who supported the platform over the years. This is not likely to ease the pain of those who have become regular users of the platform, but it's a generous gesture. With the platform having seen a complete redesign and the introduction of a host of in-app games, there's no denying that PlayStation Home has provided its share of fan-service.

PlayStation Home Shut Down March 2015 Mall

Despite the fact that the servers will be going down come March 2015, does this really mark the end of PlayStation Home? While it may not have been an integral part of every user's PS3 repertoire, it certainly had a dedicated audience. Given this, it's entirely within reason to guess that sometime down the road, Sony may take another stab at the realm of interactive social platforms with a PS4 release.

By introducing a similar service that integrates more seamlessly with the PS4's existing user interface, they could easily make the platform a more attractive product. Given the frequency with which Sony provides updates to their console's UI, it wouldn't be a stretch for them to someday tailor it to something specific like a Home-like service. Regardless of whether this is the last gamers will see of PlayStation Home, it will no doubt be a bittersweet goodbye for the users who sunk countless hours and dollars into Sony's social construct.

Were you a regular user of PlayStation Home?  Do you think Sony will attempt to make the jump to the PS4 with a comparable service?


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Sources: PlayStation Community

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