PlayStation Home Celebrates its Second Birthday with New Games

On Friday PlayStation's virtual online world Home turned 2. It has been an interesting two years for the platform. When it was first announced, there was a general groan of a consensus among gamers that this was an unnecessary creation. When it first launched Home was fairly barren, and there was hardly anything to do to make the virtual world worth visiting. Gamers could sit on benches, watch game trailers, and get in line to bowl with their friends, providing their friends were ever on PS Home.

PlayStation was unwilling to give up on their product, and the first time I remember finding any real interest in Home was the alternate reality game Xi that began revealing itself early in 2009. Viral marketing was spread throughout multiple continents so that players could work together both online and off to solve the mystery of Xi. Since then, the amount of games and events tied to Home have increased enormously, so much so that a trip to Home is no longer a bore, but instead a whole new exciting facet of PSN.

Jack Buser, the director of Home, had this to say about their growth over the past two years:

"The idea of what games mean in PS Home has also changed. In contrast to the handful of simple mini-games offered at launch, we now see a huge variety of games, including massive full-length games developed by some of the most prominent and innovative indie developers in our industry. The experience of PS Home itself has radically improved over the years as well, with faster load times, zero-wait game access, intuitive navigation, and the addition of features such as group-based voice chat and robust inventory management."

There is a graphic included in the post on the PS Blog that shows over 236 games currently available to play inside PS Home. The team behind home has obviously shown how much they care about the product, and it's safe to say that the Home from two years ago is long gone, replaced with something much more robust and enjoyable. With Home's improvements and two huge announcements from the VGAs concerning Uncharted 3 and Resistance 3, it's a great time to be a PlayStation 3 owner.

Some of the games that will be arriving over the next few months to celebrate Home's birthday include: Novus Prime, a multiplayer space shooter that is currently available; Midway 2,  a collection of popular carnival games, also available now; Conspiracy, an espionage-style action/puzzler coming in January; and Sodium 2, a jet racing game that looks similar to WipEout, coming in the Spring.

If you've been waiting to jump back into Home, or enter for the first time, there's no better time than now to see just how much has changed since Home's launch.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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