PlayStation Held Back at E3, Saving Reveals for Later This Year

Sony Held Back at E3 2017

Shuhei Yoshida offhandedly confirmed that Sony has intentionally held back during this year's E3, saving news for reveal later this year. Fans have had uneven reactions to Sony's PlayStation E3 Media Showcase, which was notably scaled back compared to previous years. And while Sony did have several big reveals, including a Shadow of the Colossus remake and Horizon: Zero Dawn DLC, many fans felt like the company was holding back. To hear Yoshida directly confirm that PlayStation held back this year is certain to be met with mixed feelings.

Here's Yoshida's specific comments, provided in an interview with Jagat Review, regarding Sony's presence with PlayStation at E3:

"There are things we have held. We chose not to show those at E3 2017, but there will be some more news coming out from our teams later this year. No question."

Yoshida is likely referring to both the Tokyo Game Show, which will run from September 21 through September 24, and the exclusive PlayStation Experience December event which was announced during E3. Both TGS and PSX have seen increased focus by Sony in the past as the company works to stand apart from its competitors when it comes to marketing events, with TGS being a Japan-focused event with strong third-party support and PlayStation Experience being western-focused with room to showcase both indie games and first-party exclusives.

Sony Held Back at E3 2017 - Experience

The reasons for fan frustrations with Sony's E3 2017 PlayStation Media Showcase are myriad, creating a perfect storm of discontent leading up to and following the event. Not only was Sony's Jim Ryan dismissing backwards compatibility concerns while rumors were still swirling about a possible PlayStation 5 announcement, but a new controversy popped up regard PlayStation refusing to take part in cross-play overnight.

That's not to dismiss Sony's disappointing showing during the event, however. The company focused heavily on previously announced titles like God of War and Days Gone, gave significant stage time to the already heavily advertised Destiny 2, and cut out the indie game showcase portion of the event that's done so well in past years. There's also the fact that the only big 2018 games shown, God of War and Spider-Man, were both previously announced and thought to be released in 2017.

PlayStation fans will have to accept the price of an average E3 2017 for events with potentially more hype later this year. Though, it's certainly odd to see a Sony executive so openly admitting it.

Source: Jagat Review – YouTube

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