10 PlayStation Franchises That Will Likely Never See Another Title

The Sony stable of exclusive games is a massive one and any company would be lucky to have it. However, as game development becomes more arduous and more expensive every single day, PlayStation studios are tending to focus their efforts on massive singleplayer titles that are guaranteed to sell well.

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Some franchises, like The Last Of Us, thrive in this scenario, while others can't ever hope to get a sequel. As such, today we'll be talking about ten PlayStation franchises that will likely never see another title. Let's jump into it.

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10 Heavenly Sword

A launch window title for the PlayStation 3, Heavenly Sword was a hack and slash adventure game developed by Ninja Theory. The title starred Nariko and her highly improbable hair taking on swaths of enemies with the titular Heavenly Sword in hand.

The game was stylish, wonderfully acted, stunning and fun to play. However, it never found the audience that it truly deserved, so a sequel is unlikely. At least players can find solace in the fact that the game told a complete story from beginning to end. Also if Nariko wants to share any tips on how to not break your neck holding up much hair on your head, we're all ears.

9 Uncharted

One of the most popular PlayStation franchises of all time is Uncharted. While every game in the series found great success, the series was ended by developer Naughty Dog.

They simply did everything that they wanted to with Nathan Drake and co. The five games used their incredibly lifelike visuals to tell a complete story that will be remembered for years to come.

8 Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Remember her? The game that wasn't a Smash clone but was also very much a Smash clone, we have PSASBR (we are not spelling out that whole title again). The game has been rumored to get a sequel for years now, but the mascot fighter originally released in 2012, so chances of that dwindle by the day.

It featured the most iconic PlayStation characters of all time and Fat Princess duking it out. There wasn't a ton of content in the title, but what was there was fun. A sequel with expanded ideas from the original would give the series a chance to truly shine, but the chances of that happening are slim.

7 Gravity Rush

Gravity Rush Remastered Review - Kat flying

Gravity Rush 2 did everything the original did and made it better. The gravity shifting mechanic that the game was based around made the player feel incredibly powerful, and was a blast to use.

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The story told was great for fans to see, and the upgraded power of the PS4 allowed for an overall more graphically intense and larger game. The fact that this niche PS Vita game got a PS4 sequel was a miracle in its own right, so the chance for the series to become a trilogy is highly unlikely, but a PS5 surprise isn't completely out of the question.

6 LittleBigPlanet

The creation-centric LittleBigPlanet is sadly, a thing of the past. While each game in the series contained a story mode, this game's life really came from the user-generated content that players were empowered to create. The series was a blast, but by the third main entry, there wasn't anything new being brought to the table and things stagnated.

While Sackboy will always be the skinniest legend in PlayStation history, developer Media Molecule has moved on to bigger and better things. With Dreams production moving full-steam ahead, LittleBigPlanet's time in the spotlight has come to an end. Even after all this time, we still don't have an answer as to why anyone thought that a character named Grandmaster Sensei should speak with the voice of a toddler.

5 Fat Princess

What a weird... weird series. Fat Princess is about two princesses who eat so much enchanted cake that they become huge. Both of them get kidnapped by the enemy team, and your goal is to return your princess to your side of the field. This is hard because she's very heavy.

The game features different classes with different powers to choose from, and is actually quite a fun time. The absurd premise helped the game gain some traction and turn it into a series with an action RPG (what?) sequel and a mobile puzzle game (double what?), but for now no plans for any further titles have surfaced.

4 Jak And Daxter

10 PS2 Games Everyone Should Play - Jak, Daxter, and Keira

Naughty Dog's Jak and Daxter franchise hasn't recieved an original new entry since 2009 (a High Impact Games title), and has since only received re-releases. While the series is well known, there's just no reason to choose it to resurrect over other current PlayStation franchises.

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While Naughty Dog could technically return to this series at any point, why would they? With The Last of Us Part II they've already got a mega-hit on the way that requires all hands on deck.

3 Killzone

Remember when this series existed? The fact of the matter is that it's never going to get recognition ever again simply because the Horizon series is now a thing. Why would you ever work on Killzone when you have that series as well?

This one isn't coming back any time soon. If it does, it will likely be in the hands of another developer, as Horizon One Dawn will likely be coming to the PS5.

2 Tearaway

As with Gravity RushTearaway was unfortunate enough to start off on the Vita. Big yikes. This essentially eliminates any chance of success for a new franchise.

While the game was lucky enough to receive a deluxe edition on the PS4 (a game with deluxe in the name that isn't on the Switch), Media Molecule's focus on Dreams basically means that this series is dead in the water... at least for a long time.

1 Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal is the biggest toss-up on this list, while there hasn't been a new game in the series since 2012, there is a TV adaptation in the works, which is a good sign. When better to launch a game than with the start of a TV series? Still, with the previous movie adaptation that was also in the works falling through, the same could happen with the TV show.

Twisted Metal could very easily make a return, and we'll likely know if that comes to pass in a few years. Until then, it's dead for now.

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