PlayStation Experience 2016 Dates Announced

PlayStation Experience 2016 Revealed

Sony's annual PlayStation focused event, PlayStation Experience 2016, is now unveiled and will run from December 3-4 and takes place in Anaheim, California.

If the PlayStation Meeting earlier in September, where Sony unveiled the PlayStation 4 Pro to the world, wasn't enough PlayStation 4 excitement for fans then this latest announcement should deliver. Today Sony unveiled plans, perhaps unintentionally, for PlayStation Experience 2016. The PlayStation Experience is an annual post-holiday event where Sony shows what fans should be excited for in the new year. The presentation typically includes announcements, gameplay debuts, and plenty of other surprises.

2016's PlayStation Experience event should be no different; with the PlayStation 4 Pro only recently announced and both it and PlayStation VR launching in the holidays, Sony will have plenty of content to choose from and showcase at the event. That content includes several E3 announcements like the latest God of War, which have been out of the spotlight for quite some time. Also available to show will be more of Horizon: Zero Dawn, which was delayed into 2017.

However, the PlayStation Experience 2016 may have been revealed a tad too early. Not only was the website initially broken in a way that prevented fans from registering to attend, but the website was taken down completely for an extended amount of time. While the website has since gone live one again, registration is still not active. Those looking to attend the event live should keep their eyes peeled for an official announcement from Sony, which would likely indicate that registration has officially gone live.

PlayStation Experience 2016 Unveiled

For those who don't recall PlayStation Experience 2015, it was an event filled with ups and downs. Sony tried to both capitalize on the keynote formula that had worked so well at E3 events in previous years, while focusing primarily on third-party titles as well. Uncharted 4's demo was shown early, where the event ended with Epic Games' Paragon becoming a console exclusive on PlayStation 4. Other highlights at the event were the large showcase of indie titles in the middle, as well as the Final Fantasy 7 reboot's showing.

Expectations for PlayStation Experience 2016 are mixed, with fans unsure whether to expect big first-party titles or another year focusing on third-party releases. Indie games were low profile during Sony's E3 presentations, so it's a safe bet that they'll be given more attention during PlayStation Experience. But what will fill in for the large block that had been dedicated to PlayStation VR? Will Sony show more titles which have been upgraded for PlayStation 4 Pro? Those types of details don't carry very well through a livestream.

Sony's PlayStation Experience 2016 event will run from December 3 through December 4 and takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center in sunny southern California.

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