Sony Has Two PlayStation Events Planned for This Month

rumor next playstation state of play details leak, will include last of us 2 release date

With the Tokyo Game Show officially starting this week, we can expect to see a number of announcements from developers and publishers regarding upcoming releases and possibly some new titles as well. We already know Sony will have a big presence at the event, with over 60 PS4 games planned to either be playable or have trailers for, including Final Fantasy 7 Remake and Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. But a rumor is floating around that Sony has even more in store for its fans very soon.

This rumor popped up sometime after it was confirmed that Naughty Dog will be hosting a media event for The Last of Us: Part 2 later this month, which will apparently provide a fresh look at the title and will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention from press and fans alike. The original game is one of Sony's biggest successes and this sequel is clearly intended to be another. Following this announcement, ZhugeEX - a reliable source of information in the games industry - posted a response to the announcement on ResetEra, saying "This isn't the only Sony event that week."

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Given the phrasing, whatever this other Sony event is won't be happening until the end of the month, after the Tokyo Game Show, assuming that it's real at all. It's possible that Sony will be hosting another State of Play broadcast, but the timing seems a bit weird considering it will shortly follow TGS. If Sony has some big, surprise reveal, why would it deliberately skip TGS just to announce a week or so later? Maybe it has something to do with The Last of Us Part 2 specifically so its being saved to coincide with the aforementioned media event? Ultimately, there may not be an event at all and the information is false, so it's important that everyone keep their expectations in check.

This isn't the only Sony rumor to be floating around at the moment. Recently, there have been rumblings that a sequel to the crossover fighting game PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is in the works. Not only that, but these rumors claim that it's being developed by Capcom and that it will be a launch title for the PS5. Again, these are simply rumors at this point.

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Source: ResetEra

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