Sony’s Countdown to E3 event continues as Saturday morning saw the unveiling of a brand new PlayStation VR game from the developers of Fe and Stick It to the Man! Introducing Ghost Giant, in which the player unsurprisingly becomes a mountainous friendly ghost with massive translucent hands. The seemingly light-hearted Ghost Giant appears to be entirely about making friends and tackling the struggles of growing up.

In Ghost Giant, players become an otherworldly presence summoned at the behest of a lonely cat named Louis. While Louis initially reacts with some suspicion, he soon becomes friends with the ghost. From there Ghost Giant takes players on a journey through the town where Louis lives, where the giant can help as they’re able and hopefully provide a meaningful influence for Louis and all the characters they encounter.

Gameplay will focus on the giant using their ghostly hands to interact with the environment from an overhead perspective. Each problem, each chore, each obstacle will prove a puzzle for players to solve. And as they’re solved, the player will see the story unfurl before them. Only Louis appears to be able to see the ghost giant, so the player can play around with the world as they see fit.

There doesn’t seem to be any information provided regarding Ghost Giant‘s planned release, though for the time being it appears to be a PS VR exclusive. Indie games tend to wait until they’re a bit more confident in their finished project to announce a release date, though given the quality of the game shown in the Ghost Giant announcement trailer development seems decently far along.

Ghost Giant is the fourth of five pre-E3 announcements Sony has planned as part of the Countdown to E3 event. There will be one announcement made each day, leading all the way up to the PlayStation E3 press conference on Monday, June 11. So far Sony has announced Tetris Effect which is another PS VR title, the release date for Day’s Gone, and a narrative game named Twin Mirror from the Life is Strange developer.

Expect more information regarding Ghost Giant either during E3 or in the months to come.

Ghost Giant is a PlayStation VR exclusive and does not yet have a release date.

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