PlayStation Classic Has Already Been Hacked

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The PlayStation Classic released earlier this week, finally letting players enjoy a dose of throwback gaming. The system includes 20 games to play through, such as Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy VII, Grand Theft Auto, and Resident Evil Director's Cut. But that's not the only way that players are having fun with the new device.

According to a video posted on Twitter, the PlayStation Classic has already been hacked. A user with the handle @bakueikozo explains that they "had a go at making an image file" and although it can't be seen it in the video, they were able to load this image onto the PlayStation Classic from USB memory. "It's completely manual right now, but obviously that can be changed," reads the tweet, adding "PlayStation Classic hack done."

The PlayStation Classic only released earlier this week, and so many are impressed that the console has been hacked already. Many have also commented that it's a sign of how poor the system's security is. According to posts on social media, the problem comes from the system's incredibly weak encryption. Sony apparently used GnuPG (something which allows one to encrypt and sign data and communications) to encrypt the data on the console and accidentally left in its public key. This would allow people to decrypt the data on the console.

The Twitter user bakueikozo's video is just one example of the growing PlayStation Classic hacking community. Earlier this week, YouTubers revealed demonstrations of how players can access the PlayStation Classic's emulator settings. By accessing these settings, players would be able to change the console's region, input cheats, and more. According to the videos, all it took was a bit of technical knowledge and a USB keyboard.

Players are especially keen for the console's hacking scene to grow even more so that they can add new games to the console. Many were surprised to learn that the console could have featured 36 other PlayStation games, including Crash Bandicoot, Toy Story 2, Gran Turismo, and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone just to name a few. The actual list of 20 games that come pre-loaded on the system left some feeling disappointed. There were certain "classics" that were left off of the console, but if the console is as easily hacked as these new videos seem to indicate, then perhaps hackers could rectify that.

The PlayStation Classic is available now.

Source: Twitter - bakueikozo

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