Earlier this week, Super Seducer, which is described as the world’s most realistic seduction simulator, launched for PC. It was also scheduled to release for the PlayStation 4, but it seems that Sony has decided to block this game from its console. Its current Steam page states that the game has had very positive reviews from players, so some gamers may be wondering why PlayStation prevented its launch.

PlayStation’s reasoning may very well be that the game leans to the creepy side. The game features live-action clips starring British creator Richard La Ruina who also looks a lot like Russell Brand. As the player tries to seduce women, he is presented with options that are right and wrong, such as “ask what she does for a living, because she looks artistic,” “use checking out her earrings as an excuse to touch her,” or “start touching yourself to get her turned on.”


If the player chooses the wrong answer, then why it is the incorrect answer is explained by a clothed La Ruina in a hotel room with two women in lingerie. Super Seducer is also described as a “way to getting those sweet digits like a pro by using tried and true attraction ‘hacks,’” with the game already having several downloadable content packs such as “Earning the Kiss” and “Nighttime Strategy” available.

For PlayStation’s official statement concerning the blocked release, it simply stated that the game “will not be made available.” It is strange to see the company blocking a game’s release, but it even more surprising that it ever received a PlayStation launch in the first place. It earnestly appears like the kind of game that would receive protests for its seemingly misogynistic message, not unlike the protest against video game violence in Florida.

Moving forward, PlayStation may be a bit more selective in giving a game a release on its console, but nevertheless, Super Seducer is available for PC gamers. While the PlayStation 5 could potentially make PS4 games backward compatible, Super Seducer likely won’t be among backward compatible titles.

Although it won’t be coming to PlayStation 4, Super Seducer is available now on PC.

Source: BBC News

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