The developers at SuperBot have not had an easy time keeping any aspect of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale under wraps. Just a couple weeks ago, the top secret Battle Royale beta had its code stripped apart by beta testers, and a ton of previously unannounced stages and characters were revealed. Before that, Nathan Drake and Big Daddy were leaked via the game’s official website, and now even more members of the roster have been ousted by the game’s site.

The domain has since been restored to its former glory, but that didn’t stop legions of gamers from grabbing a few screenshots of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale‘s official website, and posting them in the PlayStation forums. The clearest character reveals were of mascots that we already knew would be included — thanks to the previously mentioned leak late last month. Sackboy and Raiden can clearly be seen in a couple of the images, and there’s no question that the two recognizable protagonists will be joining the fray.

What is questionable, however, is the legitimacy of an additional image that contains a number of other unconfirmed combatants. The previously mentioned leaks have already confirmed the appearance of Heavenly Sword‘s Nariko, as well as Ratchet, and they are found scattered amongst the background of a link titled ‘Join the Community’. That’s not all this blurry image displays though, because it looks as if Jin and Kazuya from Tekken will be joined by Ninja Gaiden‘s Ryu Hayabusa in the final list of characters.

It would be shocking if gamers didn’t establish some immediate beef over these third-party additions, especially since the likes of Spyro and Crash are still nowhere in sight. If this image is accurate (which it seems to be) then Battle Royale will feature a grand total of three Tekken mainstays (including the already announced Heihachi Mishima), and that is frankly overkill. Ryu Hayabusa is also a little out of place, and we imagined the ninja would have made more sense as a guest character in Super Smash Bros. 4.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is scheduled to hit retailers on October 23rd, exclusively on PS3 and PS Vita.

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Source: PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale (via PlayStation Forums)