Some PlayStation fans have been keeping themselves busy with the latest fighting game to come from Sony, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and not too many can fault them for that. Drawing influence from Nintendo’s extremely popular Super Smash Bros. series, Battle Royale provided PS3 and Vita owners with a crossover-based fighter that stars a number of popular first and third-party characters that have appeared on the system.

One of the bigger issues that a few players have with the game, however, is that the 20 character roster simply isn’t large enough. Superbot is well aware that fans want more combatants, and that’s why they revealed that both Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmett from Starhawk would be coming to PS All-Stars as playable fighters. The first wave of downloadable content for Battle Royale was previously sans a release date, but Sony has rectified that situation; giving gamers a date that they can expect the two new characters to join the fray.

On February 12th the new DLC will land on the North American PlayStation Network (February 13th for those in Europe), and for the first two weeks that it’s available it’ll be free. After that initial window come to an end, though, consumers are going to have to cough up some money in order to access the content. Our recommendation for those that don’t own the game yet is to download the characters while they’re free, that way hopeful players will have access to Kat and Emmett when and if they ever get around to purchasing the title.

A previously revealed stage called ‘Fearless’, a mash-up between Heavenly Sword and Wipeout, on the other hand, won’t come packaged with the new combatants, and will cost players some of their hard earned cash in order to access it. It’ll be arriving at some point in February for an undetermined price, so those interested in a new battleground can prepare their bank account for its arrival. Fans who don’t want to invest in the new stage can still play it through random online encounters, but they’ll have to actually buy it to use it in offline modes.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog