This year’s Gamescom has proven to be rather fruitful thus far, and Sony’s big announcements are almost entirely responsible for that. Whether it was Media Molecule’s Tearaway, or the latest trailer for The Last of Us, there’s a lot for PlayStation users to look forward to in the coming months. There’s one announcement that may have been overlooked in all of the commotion pertains to four new characters joining the PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale roster.

The latest combatants are none other than Ratchet (with aid from Clank) of Ratchet & Clank fame, LittleBigPlanet‘s Sackboy, Ape Escape‘s Spike, and DmC: Devil May Cry‘s Dante.

All of the protagonists were previously leaked alongside several of the game’s stages late last month, making their official unveiling feel a little stale. Regardless, it’s quite a rush to see all four of these complete polar opposites square off against one another in a battle to the death. Sony released a handful of new trailers highlighting each of the latest roster additions, and they look mighty impressive. Don’t believe me? Then check them out for yourself!


Ratchet and Clank function in a similar manner as Jak and Daxter in PlayStation All-Stars. Ratchet is the primary combatant, while Clank will chip in with certain moves to aid the iconic Lombax, making the robotic sidekick more of a character-exclusive weapon than an actual fighter himself. There are plenty of recognizable gadgets incorporated into Ratchet’s move set too (such as the infamous Combusto Pistol, R.Y.N.O., and Tesla Spikes), as well as a level three super that’ll give anyone a run for their money. This one duo needs to be feared on the battlefield.


Everyone knew that this character was coming, but actually seeing Sackboy ironically tear foes to shreds is still bizarre. Everyone’s lovable little sack person is lacing up the boots and going toe-to-toe with some of the toughest mascots at Sony’s disposal, and he actually does a pretty good job at holding his own. As gamers would expect though, Sackboy doesn’t fare to well in close-quarter combat, and relies on separating himself from his opponents to rain down some heavy fire from a distance with his handy dandy ‘Cakeinator’.


Many gamers may not be familiar with Spike, the main protagonist from the Ape Escape franchise, but that doesn’t make his appearance any less significant. The original Ape Escape was the first game to usher in the era of PlayStation’s Dual Shock controller — a popular design that’s still used to this very day. Despite the character’s historical significance, the arsenal up Spike’s sleeve will do a lot more than just capture a few rogue monkeys. With his classic stun clubs in tow, this is one kid that even Kratos may want to avoid.


Last, but certainly not least, is none other than Capcom’s very own demon hunter, Dante. The latest third-party character reveal is one that many fans were demanding, although it’s not the form many had in mind. Ninja Theory’s revamped take on the ever-popular Devil May Cry mainstay has come into controversy in the past, but putting that aside, he looks as if he’ll fit right in with the rest of Sony’s band of misfits. Dante’s guns and blades have been implicated into the character’s arsenal, making the transition from a third-person hack and slash to a side-scrolling fighter a near flawless one.

PlayStation Allstars Battle Royale Uncharted Stage

On top of all of these memorable roster additions, SuperBot Entertainment pulled the curtain off of a new stage based on an area in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. The level has appropriately been titled ‘Stowaways’ and takes place on an ever-changing landscape, courtesy of massive trucks and debris falling out of the back of a cargo plane. As is standard within Battle Royale, the level will be mashed up with another game. By the looks of it, that other game in question appears to be Bioshock Infinite, but that’s blatantly obvious since The Songbird can clearly be seen wreaking havoc in the background.

What may very well end up being the most exciting piece of news related to Battle Royale, however, is that those who purchase the PS3 version of PlayStation All-Stars will receive a download voucher for the PS Vita edition absolutely free. This is one of the best incentives we’ve heard of in a very long time, and anyone who already planned on picking up a copy at launch can now take their game on the go for no additional cost — provided they have a Vita, of course.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale will release on November 20th for PS3 and PS Vita.

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Source: PlayStation.Blog