Though seemingly every member of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale‘s roster has leaked at one point or another Sony has been continuing on as if gamers don’t know who will round out the cast of combatants. The newest reveal is yet another character we knew was coming, “Evil” Cole McGrath from inFAMOUS, but a trailer that accompanies McGrath’s reveal shows how he will differ from his “good” version.

On a basic, hand-to-hand level, “Evil” Cole is extremely similar to “Good” Cole, only with red lightning instead of blue. He can toss out balls of energy, pull himself toward ledges, and even send out large AOE attacks.

The real differences come when “Evil” Cole activates one of his three “supers” — an instrumental part of winning in All-Stars Battle Royale. While good Cole’s super let him partake in a first person shooter-esque sequence, “Evil” Cole’s is more about overcharging the enemies around him or draining them of their life force.

We can understand why SuperBot Entertainment decided to include both iterations of Cole, but it’s hard not think about the character slot that could have gone to another fan-favorite Sony mascot. Though SuperBot has filled out their roster with a venerable cornucopia of Sony heroes past and present, there are still several glaring omissions, including Crash Bandicoot.

The potential for introducing these characters via DLC is there, but that makes us wonder why “Evil” or “Good” Cole couldn’t have filled that role. After playing the game at E3 we came away less excited for the beat-em-up than we’d hoped, but that was only with several characters to choose from. Since then everyone from Heihachi to DmC‘s Dante have entered the fray, making us more than curious to see how they might play.

Evil Cole McGrath Battle Royale Trailer


And then came the real game-changer, an announcement that All-Stars Battle Royale would include the Vita version with sales of the PS3 version. We’d already been told the game was a multi-platform release, and would be cross-platform compatible online, but offering two versions of the game for the price of one was a sweet deal. It’s highly unlikely the inclusion of “Evil” Cole sealed that deal, but it certainly didn’t hurt.

What do you think of “Evil” Cole in the game? Is he different enough from his “good” counterpart to warrant an inclusion?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale releases November 20, 2012 for the PS3 and Vita.

Source: PlayStation Blog