When the final All-Stars Battle Royale roster was unveiled, some PlayStation fans were none too impressed. As a game that serves to represent the past seventeen years of PlayStation history, the final roster was considered to be quite  thin. Thankfully, that’s about to change as Sony has announced the game’s first DLC pack.

Joining the All-Stars Battle Royale cast will be Emmett Graves from Starhawk and Kat from the hit Vita title Gravity Rush. As is with each of the previously announced All-Stars characters, Kat and Emmett will have their own signature moves to help them in the fight.

Emmett, for example, will use his variety of firearms from Starhawk – but with a twist. Lightbox Interactive’s Build and Battle system from Starhawk will also come into play, allowing Emmett to drop structures from the sky. Kat  – who was previously rumored to be joining the game – is able to use her gravity defying powers for aerial assaults. Coincidentally, both of these characters made our dream All-Stars roster, so it’s good to see both characters making the “final” cut. However, there are still a few characters missing…*cough* Crash Bandicoot *cough*.

Kat Gravity Rush All-Stars

It’s rarely a good idea for developers to announce DLC before a game’s released; but thankfully, there’s some good news – both Kat and Emmett will be available for free! Well, sort of. Currently, developer SuperBot Entertainment has not announced the DLC release date, however, once both characters are released they will be available for free, for two weeks. After that, gamers will have to purchase both characters if they want them in the roster.

Offering this content for free – even if it is only for two weeks – is a great way to subvert the reverent hatred that can come from early DLC announcements. Let’s also not forget that All-Stars has already gone gold (check out the game’s opening cut scene here), which means any newly announced content wouldn’t have made it into the final game anyway. To those not planning on picking up All-Stars Battle Royale, we suggest downloading the characters anyway. This will ensure that if down the line you so choose to check out the game, both characters will be there in full force. Those tight on hard drive can skip the download step – so long as both characters have been “purchased” for free they will remain in your download history forever.

All-Stars Battle Royale releases November 20th for the PS3 and PS Vita.

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Source: PlayStation Blog