Michael Pachter is at it again, speculating that a PlayStation 5 would likely arrive in 2019, if not 2020. Speaking with Gaming Bolt, Pachter was asked his thoughts on what Sony’s next console could be and the analyst tore into the subject with his typical gusto. Pachter is a research analyst with a deep familiarity with the industry, but is well known for his hit-or-miss predictions. That said, hardware release windows and technology trends fall right into his wheelhouse.

Pachter’s belief is that Sony is falling into a pace with its 2016 launch of the PlayStation 4 Pro. While he sees Sony’s next console as certain to use the PlayStation 5 branding, it will still be a “half step” forward from the Pro. That would put the PlayStation 5 launch in holiday 2019, three years after the Pro’s launch just as the Pro was three years after the PlayStation 4.

As for what will define the PlayStation 5, if Pachter thinks Sony will take any risks he’s not noting them here. He sees the PlayStation 5 as likely to be a simple technological step forward. 4K is a focus for Pachter as well, as he sees the 4K TV market reaching 50% in the USA by 2019.

PlayStation 5 in 2019 Says Pachter

The question Pachter has, and the rest of us for that matter, is whether Sony’s next console will be backwards compatible with the PlayStation 4. Sony has created some concern considering their hard stance regarding PlayStation 4 backwards compatibility — even to this day. Jim Ryan of PlayStation Europe is now famously quoted from E3 this year saying, “Why would anyone play this?” regarding backwards compatibility for the PS3 on PS4. Fans still wonder if this was Ryan’s personal thoughts or a pervasive sentiment within the company – one that could carry over to the PlayStation 5.

Pachter’s thoughts are ultimately just informed speculation. He’s as privy to Sony’s plans as any of us are, and everything he has said regarding the PlayStation 5 are rational conclusions that anyone could come to. It would have been interesting to hear him add his thoughts on whether Microsoft’s Xbox plans would effect Sony, but odds are he’d say they wouldn’t. What’s clearly left unsaid is that Sony is confident in the path they’ve already made for PlayStation going forward and to not expect any dramatic changes.

Both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro consoles are currently available.

Source: Gaming Bolt

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