PlayStation 5 Power, Graphics Capability Revealed in New Leak

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A well-considered Japanese hardware leaker has released information regarding the PlayStation 5's GPU. While the reliability of the leak isn't certain, it's driving speculation about the PS5's graphics power. The leak shows a GPU chip codename "Oberon" running at three different clock speeds. The first two clock speeds correlate to the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. The third clock speed, which runs at over double the speed of those prior, is speculated to be the PS5's GPU running natively.

According to the leak, the native clock speed of Oberon is 2.000GHz, with native meaning that it's using the full potential of the GPU. 2GHz, for comparison, is a higher clock speed than Nvidia graphics cards that cost well more than $500. For comparison to current generation consoles, a 2GHz clock speed would reportedly be the equivalent of over 14 teraflops of computing power, more than the PS4 Pro's 4 and the Xbox One X's 6 teraflops combined.

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For a laymen's explanation, consider clock speed to anecdotally be a linear increase in frame rate while playing a game. Based on these numbers, if the PS4 Pro at 4K resolution is getting 30 frames-per-second, the PS5 could hypothetically get over 60 fps running that same game, which is an incredible step forward in power for a half-step generation.

It bears repeating that none of this has been verified. The leaker, who goes by the name Komachi, provided no source for their information. They are reportedly working on an article breaking down the information and analyzing it, but it has yet to be released. Yet even if their information is correct, it's still unreliable, as everything can change until Sony officially announces the PS5's hardware.

While the sheer power of this leaked GPU clock speed is surprising to consider, it's not too far off from what prior leaks have revealed about the PS5's hardware. Rumors spread around E3 2019 hinted that the PS5 would be more powerful than the next-generation Xbox console. Another rumor indicated a 1.8GHz GPU clock speed, putting this leak into similar terrain.

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Source: Red Gaming Tech

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