Over the past couple of weeks, rumors have been running rampant about the PlayStation 5 and what the console may entail. While we still don’t have any confirmed details from Sony itself, former PlayStation boss Andrew House recently spoke about the upcoming console, which could give fans a better idea of what to expect.

Since House no longer works at Sony, it’s possible that his predictions about the PlayStation 5 are way off base. However, 27 years of experience at the company could mean that he has a general idea of what to expect from the PlayStation 5 when it is eventually announced and released.

One feature House thinks the PS5 will have is the ability to play discs, despite the ongoing push for digital-only media.

“I don’t have any firm knowledge on this, but my sense is that you will see the disc around in the industry for a while. If you’re going to tap into some of these [developing] markets, then allowing for that more traditional physical purchase model as an option is probably no bad thing.”

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Even though House expects the PlayStation 5 to still use discs, he also believes it and other next-generation consoles will offer more streaming and cloud-based gaming services. He compared the leap from physical media to streaming to the leap from cartridges to discs, and it will be interesting to see if his prediction comes true.

House also touched on the rumors that the PlayStation 5 will launch as early as 2018. While House has no way of knowing for sure, he does think that the PlayStation 4 will still be around for quite some time. He pointed to the fact that there are many untapped markets for console gaming all over the world where the PS4 could still succeed, with China being one of the biggest examples.

According to House, something else that will extend the lifespan of the PlayStation 4 is the PlayStation 4 Pro. The PS4 Pro offers a mid-generation upgrade for those who want more power now, and theoretically should fill the gap between the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.

Source: Polygon

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