Did Sony Just Confirm the PlayStation 5?

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After years of silence, Sony recently confirmed its plans for a next-generation console after the PlayStation 4. Currently, details on the new system were not disclosed and Sony refuses to give the console a name for the time being.

Speaking with the Financial Times, Sony’s president Kenichiro Yoshida revealed that “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have the next-generation hardware.” Yoshida declined to call the new system the PlayStation 5 at this point, suggesting that the console might be given a new label.

Yoshida’s statement and fixation on the necessity of releasing a next-generation hardware for Sony were revealed after several other companies made announcements related to cloud gaming. A few days ago, Microsoft unveiled its xCloud service and is reportedly on the drawing board for the next Xbox system that will pull focus on streaming. Google’s Project Stream, on the other hand, is now conducting beta tests allowing selected people to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via a web browser. Given the growing trends in mobile and video-game streaming, it’s interesting to know what Sony has in store for the next generation system that it is developing.

A few days ago, several industry analysts predicted that the PS5, or whatever the successor to the PS4 will be called, may include the highly-requested backward compatibility feature. Sony did not confirm this projection, but the company did file for a patent that showed evidence of backward compatibility on a new system, which may prove the projections of these analysts. Given that the PS4 has been out for five years now, the growing anticipation on what will come next is not surprising since the company’s track record of releasing new hardware averages around 6-7 years.

Although the PS4 is still going strong, especially after the release of successful exclusive titles this year, Sony acknowledges that the console is now approaching the end of its life cycle. Up to this point, no one really knows when Sony will plan to give fans a peek on the next console the company is working on. However, it is exciting to know what Sony has in store for the next generation hardware, especially since the trends and technology in the video-game industry have changed dramatically since the release of the PS4 five years ago.

Source: Independent

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