PlayStation 4 Adds Dedicated Twitch App For Viewing Streams

By | 1 year ago 

PlayStation 4 gamers now have access to a Twitch app that will allow them to view any Twitch stream natively, instead of through the console’s web browser.

Twitch and Sony made good on a promise made during TwitchCon last month, releasing an official Twitch streaming app for the PlayStation 4. The free app is a lightweight at only 51MB, but it should make viewing Twitch streams much more convenient for gamers. PS4 players will now be able to watch Twitch streams directly through the app, rather than having to access Twitch’s site through the PS4 web browser or another multimedia device entirely.

While Twitch officials initially stated that the app would also be available for PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita, those versions of the app are currently unavailable. However, Twitch stated that those apps would arrive during the fall, so barring any complications, PS3 and Vita players shouldn’t have much longer to wait.

While the PlayStation 4 has had the ability to stream directly to Twitch audiences from the get-go, the ability to easily view Twitch streams has been a long time coming. PlayStation 4 users have been especially frustrated that it’s taken this long, considering Microsoft’s Xbox One received a Twitch streaming app early last year. Additionally, Twitch’s delay with the PlayStation 4 may have allowed a streaming competitor to gain some ground on the console.

Twitch PS4 Following Dashboard

While the PS4 has had a native YouTube app since 2014, YouTube has just introduced the ability to stream gaming footage directly to YouTube in September of this year. Given that YouTube is attempting to encroach on Twitch‘s viewers and revenue, it’s not a surprise that Twitch would choose now to release an app to allow gamers to view others’ streams, lest YouTube gain the upper hand with the PS4 crowd.

The arrival of an official Twitch app will undoubtedly be welcomed by many PlayStation 4 players who will be glad to see clunky browser Twitch streaming become a thing of the past. With any luck, Twitch’s decision to take its time on releasing the app means that the app will work smoothly. In any case, if Twitch holds true to their promise, PS3 and Vita players should expect to see their version of the app sometime this month or in early December.

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Source: PlayStation Store