Sony Rolls Out Update 2.01 To Fix PlayStation 4 'Rest Mode' Issues

PS4 Update Fixes Rest Mode

It's almost become a universal expectation that with the release of a significant software update, there are bound to be numerous bugs that crop up among the many improvements. As such, when the highly anticipated PlayStation 4 update 2.0 released last week, many prepared for the worst. Of the issues that reared their ugly heads, one of the most prevalent had to do with the recently rebranded "Rest Mode."

Acting as an evolution of the console's existing low-power state that allowed users to charge their controllers and install updates without keeping the device running at full capacity, Sony rebranded the feature as Rest Mode with the new update, better illustrating its use. Upon updating and gaining access to new features like the dedicated YouTube app, users also found that they were unable to reboot their consoles if they left them in Rest Mode. It happened to most of us here on Game Rant, too.

Thanks to a new update rolled out by Sony today, those issues should be in the past. Announced by PlayStation Europe community manager Chris Owen, update 2.01 fixes many of the bugs created by the PS4's recent large-scale software update. With the issues being significant enough to warrant an extension of the Evolve alpha, there are no doubt a multitude of gamers sighing in relief today.


While the issues that these bugs caused are unfortunate, it's comforting to know that Sony is committed to sourcing out and eliminating these problems in a reasonably quick time frame. Considering the breadth and quantity of issue presented by the recent update though, it brings to question how much QA time was put in prior to its release. With the console's suspend/resume feature still on its way, gamers are likely to be more wary of using it immediately following its release.

Update frustration aside, it has been an undeniably exciting week for Sony with PlayStation Plus reaching almost 8 million users. Between this and the strong launch of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, the first week of November is off to a strong start and doesn't look to be slowing down at all.

Did you run into any significant issues following the recent PS4 software update? What would you like to see implemented next?


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Source: Chris Owen

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