PS4 Pro is Almost Twice as Powerful as the Original PS4

ps4 pro twice power original

Following the reveal of the PlayStation 4 Pro, details on the new console's specs arrive – showcasing a piece of hardware that's nearly twice as powerful as the original PS4.

After ample speculation, Sony finally pulled back the curtain on the long anticipated PlayStation 4 Neo – now officially known as the PlayStation 4 Pro. The revamped platform was always said to be more powerful than its existing counterpart, but no one was quite sure just how significant the gap between PS4 consoles would truly be. Following its grand unveiling in New York City, fans now know just what sort of tech they'll be playing their games on later this year.

As it turns out, the PS4 Pro will feature an AMD Radeon graphics processor which supports 4.2 teraflops, an 8 core x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", and 8GB of GDDR6 ram. If any of that tech-based jargon doesn't register with general consumers, then the most important thing that can be taken away from the newest PlayStation is that it is nearly twice as powerful as the currently available PS4 – and it comes with 1 terabyte of storage space to boot.

Those hoping to see an in-depth overview of the specs for the PlayStation 4 Pro can do so below:

ps4 pro specs

The newest system is said to work with existing PS4 software in order to provide consumers with the enhanced, 4K-fueled experience that they've always dreamt of. With that ousted, the specs are still a bit lower than Microsoft's high-end Xbox project known as Project Scorpio, which is set to arrive in 2017. Furthermore, the PlayStation 4 Pro doesn't support 4K Blu-Rays, which seems like a cost-saving initiative by the firm in order to make the units more affordable for consumer – this is, of course, simply speculation on our end.

Fortunately, it's evident through the PlayStation 4 Pro gameplay demo of Horizon: Zero Dawn that the extra power lends itself quite well to the titles currently slated for existing hardware. With that in mind, some games (like the critically acclaimed Uncharted 4: A Thief's End) will be receiving patches on the Pro to help them mirror the fidelity of the aforementioned Guerrilla Games-developed title. Although, it's still rather odd that games such as Mass Effect: Andromeda will remain steadfast at 30 frames per second across the all versions of the hardware.

PlayStation 4 Pro is set to arrive at brick-and-mortar retailers on November 10, 2016 for a suggest retail price of $399 USD.

Source: VideoGamer

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