PlayStation 4 Price Drop Confirmed for North America

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After ample speculation, Sony announces that its PlayStation 4 console will be receiving a $50 price drop across retailers in both the United States and Canada.

It may have been expected, but Sony has officially confirmed a $50 USD price cut across its wide array of PlayStation 4 bundles. This cut, effective almost immediately, is available in both the United States and Canada, bringing the total for a standard PS4 SKU to $349.99 USD ($429.99 CAD). This isn’t the only drop either, with each currently available console bundle, and a pair of upcoming ones, have seen their price reduced in the wake of Sony’s announcement.

Taking to the official PlayStation blog, Sony pulled the curtain back on its forthcoming price drop – stating that it will officially go into affect on October 9, 2015. At that point, several potential bundles will see their cost dropped by roughly $50, allowing those that have been holding onto their cash for just such an occasion to promptly spend it.

Not content with simply announcing the price reduction, Sony released a chart showcasing how much each of the PS4 offerings now cost across the U.S. and Canada. While some are still more expensive than the others (largely the very awesome looking Darth Vader-themed console), the price drop is sure to get some anxious gamers off their wallets.

PlayStation 4 Price Drop 2015

This announcement won’t came as a shock to anyone following the leak of just such a price drop by Target earlier this month, although it’ll be very hard for anyone to complain – provided they didn’t just spend cash on a new platform. That said, it was obvious that the PS4 would be faced with a cost reduction sooner rather than later, with the head of Xbox even calling for the console to receive a price drop.

With PlayStation boss Shuhei Yoshida recently admitting that there weren’t many exclusive titles arriving on PlayStation 4 this holiday season, it makes sense that Sony would want to drop the price of its console to make it a more appealing choice against the likes of the Xbox One and what is arguably the strongest lineup of exclusives Microsoft has ever created. That said, there are still plenty of games coming to both systems that’ll be worth checking out.

Does the PS4’s price drop make you more tempted to pick one up? Do you think the console is affordable or it is still too expensive? Get at us in the comments.

Source: PlayStation.Blog

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