PS4 Price Cut Coming, Says Michael Pachter


It's safe to say that the PlayStation 4 is dominating the market in the current console era. After just recently hitting the hugely impressive milestone of 60 million units shipped, it appears that Sony's successful console is far from showing signs of slowing.

But how will the PS4 fare this year in light of Nintendo fortuitous launch of the Switch and Xbox's Project Scorpio that's expected to launch later this year? Well-known analyst Michael Pachter suggest one answer—that a price cut is likely on the horizon for the PS4.

That prediction has to do with Sony saying that it is looking to sell 18 million units within the next year. Pachter, talking to GamingBolt, said all that's possible as long as Sony gets the price right:

"Yes, if they price the PS4 correctly, they can sell another 18 million, and I think the forecast suggests that there is a price cut coming.”

Such a price cut would likely affect both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro is Sony's direct competition to Xbox's Scorpio, and while the specs of the Scorpio are far higher than that of the PS4 Pro, Sony could sway consumers its way by offering its own higher-end console at a far lower price than the competition.


Keeping the sales of the PS4 up as Sony predicts would continue to keep the console neck-and-neck with the sales numbers of the PS2 and its lifespan. However, despite the PS4's phenomenal success since launching in 2013, Pachter doesn't think the console will outdo its older sibling:

“I don’t think it will outsell the PS2, mostly because the competition from Xbox and Switch will soak up too much of the addressable market."

Sony has already decided to give gamers more for their buck, bringing a 1TB version of the PS4 to market at the same $299 price of the console that has contained a 500GB hard drive. That $299 price point has held since September 2016, with occasional special deals that have dropped the price down to $249. There's no telling if Sony will follow through with a price drop in the near future of what the new price point would be if so. But in light of the competition the PS4 will be going up against this year, such a move could help Sony keep its console on top.

Source: GamingBolt

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