Black Friday Update: This PS4 deal has now unfortunately expired. But you can still get a similar price over at Newegg!

If you’ve been wading through the leaked Black Friday ads of 2015 you’d notice the $299.99 PS4 Uncharted Bundle from Best Buy and GameStop. Obviously the cat is out of the bag on that deal, but you don’t need to wait for Black Friday because eBay is like a honeybadger when it comes to sales. It doesn’t care about timing, as the popular marketplace has gone live with a $299.99 $289.99 Black Friday PS4 price (yes these are new units).

Before you think this is from a random eBay seller, the holiday promotion is actually from ANTonline, an authorized Sony retailer based out of Atlanta, Georgia (hence the “ANT” naming). This means you’ll get the full warranty from Sony, and when buying from eBay it’s always good to have that extra piece of mind.

Word from eBay is that there are 2,500 units available at this price. At the time of writing they’ve sold over 1,500 since the deal went live this morning. At our current calculations with ANTonline selling about 25 PS4 units ever 5 minutes, this deal will be done and over by the end of the day. Veteran video game bargain hunters may be a bit surprised at the fast pace of the units flying off the digital shelf – but the great price isn’t the only reason these PS4s are selling so fast. eBay is also splattering this PS4 deal front and center on their homepage:


Shipping is, as mentioned, free and sales tax is reserved to CA (8%) and Georgia (7%). Note that you’ll also earn $6 cash-back in eBay bucks, good towards future purchases. Finally, an interesting thing to note on this PlayStation 4 Uncharted Bundle is that ANTonline is selling bundles with PHYSICAL copies of the Uncharted collection, whereas other retailers such as Amazon are offering bundles with digital code to claim copies on PSN.