Newegg has a great limited time promotion that can net gamers a PS4 console, three top-tier games, and four digital downloads for the price of $390.

Gamers who still haven’t hopped aboard the PlayStation 4 train may be enticed by Newegg’s latest bundle offer, which will allow gamers to pick up several solid games in tandem with a PS4 console for $389USD. Coming with three physical games and a voucher for no less than four digital downloads, the bundle may not be as cheap as Microsoft’s Spring sale, but it makes up for the price difference quite nicely.

Newegg is combining the Star Wars: Battlefront Bundle (which comes with the game of the same name, a 500GB matte black PlayStation 4 console with a controller, and a voucher good for four classic Star Wars titles), with physical copies of both Fallout 4 and Dark Souls 3. It’s great value for those looking to quickly delve into some hit console games, and the timing is perfect for gamers looking to enjoy Fallout 4‘s latest expansion packs.


The aforementioned digital download voucher gives codes for for Super Star Wars, Star Wars: Racer Revenge, Jedi Starfighter, and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter. They may not pack as much of a punch as Battlefront, but they’ll be more than enough to make the average Star Wars fan feel like it’s Christmas morning all over again.

The latest offer comes courtesy of Newegg’s official eBay account, which warns consumers that the deal comes in a limited quantity. With over 300 bundles having been sold within the last 24 hours, we’re sure whatever Newegg has in stock will keep flying out the metaphorical window until the offer is depleted. Newegg hasn’t stated if the sale is scheduled to end at a particular time, so we have to imagine it’s a “while supplies last” kind of thing. This also means that those looking to ship outside of the United States likely won’t be able to, due to eBay’s own limitations.

Star Wars: Battlefront is getting a nicely-sized free update (and some paid content, too), which will give fans new content to enjoy on May the Fourth. Those interested in trying out the PlayStation VR system will also be able to find a Star Wars: Battlefront-based virtual reality game in the near future. More news will come for that in the coming months, according to Sony.

Newegg has limited sale quantities to 5 per customer, which seems a bit excessive for the average consumer anyway.

What do you think about the Newegg bundle, Ranters? What would convince you to pick up a PlayStation 4 if you haven’t already?

Source: Newegg – eBay