The 10 Best PlayStation 4 Games (According To Metacritic)

The PlayStation 4 has been a part of households since it was released in November of 2013. Since then, hundreds of games from all genres have been released on said console. From scary choice games like Until Dawn to large worlds with epic fights like Monster Hunter: World, the PlayStation 4 has a wide variety of games.

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Not all video games are made the same though. There are certain ones that are known to be the best of the best. Beautiful graphics, relatable characters, satisfying action, and creative mechanics can make a regular video game more like a work of art. Here are the ten PlayStation 4 games that are rated the highest on Metacritic.

10 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (Score: 95)

Rated highest for the Xbox One, Metal Gear Solid V came out in 2015 and became one of the best games of the series. You play Big Boss, also-known as Naked Snake, on an adventure with gorgeous graphics. Unlike previous Metal Gear games, this one was particularly ambitious due to being open-world, but (as usual) Hideo Kojima delivered. You have open world freedom along with the stealth-based mechanics.

9 Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (Score: 93)

Uncharted 4 came out in 2016 and the story was set three years from where the third game left off. As usual, you play Nathan Drake and his brother offers a new adventure to embark on. You get to hunt for Captain Hentry Avery's lost treasure and try to find Libertalia, which is a pirate paradise in the forests of Madagascar. You do not just go to Madagascar though, but around the world.

This series was once called a Tomb Raider clone but since this game came out, some critics dubbed it the "Tomb Raider killer."

8 God Of War 4 (Score: 94)

When fans heard there was going to be a God of War 4, many were skeptical since the third game seemed to be a descent enough conclusion. However, the creators showed us that the story of Kratos is far from over. Instead of Greek mythology, we are now dealing with the myths of Norway. Kratos has changed due to the events of the previous games, and now he has a son.

It kept the insane action that made God of War amazing, but developed Kratos in a way more refreshing and interesting light. His son is also easy to get attached to and its very fun to watch their personalities interact with each other.

7 Red Dead Redemption 2 (Score: 97)

Red Dead Redemption 2 has one of the highest ratings of PlayStation 4 games, tying only with Grand Theft Auto V, which was made by the same people. It came out in 2018 and wowed everyone with its dedication to the 1899 Wild West atmosphere, interesting characters, and thrilling story.

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The game was also open-world with a ton of different options for the player to express themselves. It is definitely a game for everyone, not just people who love westerns. The game does not rush, and allows you to savor every amazing detail.

6 Grand Theft Auto V (Score: 97)

This game made a huge impact on an already well-known series. It came out in 2014 for the PlayStation 4 as a remaster from the PlayStation 3 version. Critics noted that it was better suited for the PS4 and Xbox One than for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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They also mentioned that it was a must-play for newcomers and also a big reason to return for veterans of the series. The game offers an outstanding level of freedom and the graphics are beautiful.

5 The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt (Score: 92)

The first two Witcher games were entertaining, but are nothing compared to how much changed and developed in the third installment of the series. The world became much bigger and more beautiful with more quests and monsters. The story is dark, emotional, and you can ride through the hills and cities with a beautiful soundtrack to accompany you. It is a must-play for any fantasy and/or RPG fan.

4 Bloodborne (Score: 92)

Released in 2015, Bloodborne took the best of Dark Souls and made the rest even better. It is difficult and the player often has to learn from repetition, but the rewards are discovering secret areas, spooky bosses, and piecing various mysteries.

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It's easy to want to uncover as much as you can but the game will make you take your time due to how difficult the fights are. The only criticism it has it the obvious one: it is too hard for certain players to enjoy.

3 The Last Of Us (Score: 95)

The Last of Us remastered for the PlayStation 4 was released with all of its downloadable content in 2014. The game was already a huge hit, so this upgraded version was warmly welcomed by fans and critics alike. What already made the game popular kept it so for the remaster. It was one of the PlayStation 3's best games as well.

Critic claim that this remaster is how the developer always intended for the game to be play. Everything is just as strong and made stronger through better visuals, frame-rate, and bonus features.

2 Persona 5 (Score: 93)

Persona 5 has become known as one of the best Japanese RPG games out there. The main story takes about 100 hours to beat, so you get a ton of entertainment out of it. You get to balance between school life, free time, and being a local hero with your rag-tag team of misfits. The game has a ton of style and personality complete with groovy music and silly jokes. There is so much content to explore that a lot of people play the game more than once, despite it taking over 100 hours to beat!

1 Journey (Score: 92)

Like The Last of Us, Journey was remastered and remains popular by critics and users alike. Journey is the type of game people pull out of their shelves and can say to anyone, "This is not just a game, this is art." It is quiet, mysterious, simple, and unique. It is a rather short and easy game, but stands as one of the most memorable. The co-op mechanics of just chirping at each other and helping other players remains as sweet and interesting as it was at the beginning when the game was on the PlayStation 3.

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