There were several different reactions from gamers across the globe after Sony officially unveiled the PlayStation 4 at an event in February, but a majority of consumers were disappointed that the actual console was absent. Sony clarified why it wasn’t ready to show off its next-gen platform’s final design, but that didn’t alter the desire of fans to see the the PS4 in all of its presumably black and boxy glory.

Today, however, Sony has hinted at the final look for its upcoming console in a teaser trailer. The trailer in question shows off a bunch of close-up images of the format and its controller (not unlike the fan-made trailer that debuted last week), but fails to provide enough pictures to actually piece together what the PlayStation 4 itself will look like. Fortunately, the wait to see the final product won’t be long, as the trailer promises PlayStation users that they can look forward to seeing the PS4 at the company’s E3 press conference next month.

PS4 Console

Sony’s choice to release this new trailer couldn’t have been better planned, especially considering that Microsoft is preparing to unveil the successor to the Xbox 360 tomorrow. It’s a great tactic to grab some attention for the PS4, while taking some attention away from tomorrow’s big Xbox-centric event, and a good reason for fans start building hype for the next generation of console gaming.

With the only tangible piece of the PS4 that’s actually been seen being the system’s controller, it’s no wonder that gamers are excited by the prospect of seeing more of the console. That said, while the PS4 console itself will be one of the most exciting aspect of this year’s E3, it’ll be the software (not the aesthetic) of the system that sells consoles, and fans can expect a ton of that during Sony’s big event on June 10th.

What did you think of the PS4 teaser? Do you care what the console looks like?

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