New details surface regarding the rumored PlayStation 4 4K model, claiming that the system will have an improved GPU, 4K Blu-Ray player, and a higher price.

Various sources have claimed that a new version of the PlayStation 4 capable of 4K resolution is on its way. Today, yet another source has come forward, offering some specifics on the mysterious console, as well as what gamers can expect to pay for it.

First and foremost, the new PS4 is getting a necessary upgrade to make it capable of playing 4K games and videos. The PlayStation 4 4K will feature a new GPU that’s supposedly twice as powerful as the current PS4’s GPU, and it’s smaller in size. In addition, the console will include a 4K Blu-Ray player and will upscale older PS4 games, which should please gamers with 4K televisions. However, while older games will be upscaled, playing games designed for the original PlayStation 4 will not offer any further benefits to gamers using the new PlayStation 4, unless patches or updates are released by the game’s developer.

The NeoGAF poster, who is considered to be a reliable source by the gaming forum, also claims that game developers have already received PlayStation 4 4K development kits, and that games for the console are already under development. Only a few were mentioned, but God of War 4 and Eve Valkyrie are two titles that are supposed to take advantage of the Playstation 4’s 4K capabilities. However, gamers will be able to play upcoming PlayStation 4 games on either type of PlayStation 4 console, but with “significant sacrifices to performance.”
playstation 4 console controller display

The price of the console is currently still being debated internally at Sony. $499.99 is currently being considered the price cap, which will only be reached if the console also receives a new CPU. Otherwise, the console should go on sale for $399.99, which is only slightly more expensive than the standard PlayStation 4 is selling for now. There’s no information yet on whether there will be any kind of trade-in offer for gamers with the original PS4 to get a discount on the 4K PS4.

Although it’s safer to consider the PlayStation 4 4K to still be a rumor until official confirmation comes from Sony, every time a new source shares information regarding the console, it becomes a bit closer to reality. Netflix suggested that 4K consoles were on their way over a year ago, and recent reports from this month have offered specifics on the PlayStation 4 4K concept.

The news of a new PlayStation 4 most likely displeases gamers who already purchased the console, and considering that 30 million PlayStation 4s have been sold, that’s a lot of potentially angry customers. One can hope that the performance of new games on the original PS4 is at least acceptable, and the games don’t create a blunder like Nintendo’s Hyrule Warriors Legends, which has performance problems when played on the original 3DS, despite it being advertised as working on either system.

PS4 gamers, are you upset about this news? Would you consider upgrading? Let us know in the comments.

Source: NeoGAF