The PlayStation 3 is really the ideal multipurpose gaming system. Sony’s shiny video game console is so much more than meets the eye. It offers a fully functioning Blu-ray player, free-to-play online gaming, a way to download and play all your favourite games from the original PlayStation, and a ton of Grade-A titles exclusive to the console.

Of course, there are so many great games that came out this year, and it becomes a bit tricky trying to figure out which ones are worthy of putting on your wish list or buying for someone. Thank goodness you have us!

We’ve taken time out of our busy schedules in order to bring you our top game recommendations for the PlayStation 3. It was a pretty painstaking task, so you’re welcome. Check out this year’s Holiday musts for the PS3 right below.

PlayStation 3

Sony’s 3rd home console has some stiff competition this year, but anyone would be foolish to overlook the PS3. There are some truly awesome game series such as Uncharted, LittleBigPlanet, and God of War that can only be found on this system, but the fact that the PS3 also has a built-in Blu-ray player can do nothing but bump up the console’s demand this Holiday season.

PlayStation 3 Uncharted 2 and Medal of Honour Bundle

PlayStation 3 160GB Console w/ Uncharted 2 & Medal of Honor (Bonus: Extra Controller)

Price: $339

This bundle is exclusive to Walmart and is one of the best deals out on the marketplace without a doubt. For $339 players will receive Uncharted 2, winner of multiple Game of the Year Awards, and Medal of Honor, the latest controversial shooter from the guys at EA and DICE. Not only do you get those enjoy playing those games, but you’ll get another controller so you can enjoy them with more than just one person. There is also a $10 movie credit for Vudu, but that’s not really the selling point for this package.

PlayStation 3 Bundled with Move

PlayStation 3 320GB Console w/ Move Bundle

Price: $399

If you’re looking for an HD console package that comes with something to get yourself or hefty loved ones off the couch then the PlayStation 3 system with Move bundle may be just what you’re looking for. Unlike the previously mentioned console, this package is available pretty much everywhere and comes packaged with Sony’s new motion gaming peripheral the Move. The bundle also includes the title Sports Champions so you’ll be able to play with your shiny new Move right out of the box!

PlayStation 3 Games

Consoles are great but it’s really all about the software for the hardware, baby. There are literally tons of great games this year that any PS3 owner would be extremely satisfied to receive, but that’s a blessing just as much as it is a curse. Fortunately, Game Rant is awesome and has decided to help you out a little bit, so you can check out our list of must-own PS3 games of 2010 on page 2.

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