Sony’s motion controller has been without a name for quite some time now, while Microsoft has at least given its motion controller a name in its project title: Natal. Well, all that might be moot now as EA CEO John Riccitiello may have let the name slip this morning at the UBS 37th Annual Global Media Conference in New York saying the following:

“In the coming year, both Sony and Microsoft have announced new controllers. Motion sensor controls, Natal and Gem, these are likely to bring new consumers into the marketplace”

Sony, when asked about the slip, issued the response, “No official name for the PlayStation motion controller has been announced.” EA on the other hand claimed it was unable to make any comments about the validity of the slip.

Considering a recent patent application with the US Patent and Trademark Office shows off a wide variety of attachments, including ball attachments that can be illuminated with different colors, the name “Gem” makes a lot of sense. The patent also details a number of other features of the controller, including a set of other example attachments. These include the ability to attach two controllers à la Darth Maul lightsaber. You can probably expect a Star Wars game will take advantage of it; maybe Star Wars: Legends?


There’s a whole list of other attachments as well such as a bat with lights on its side that can show you where the ball hit it or hit strength, a maraca, a microphone, and even a flashlight. What attachments would you like to see for the Sony Motion Controller, and are you excited about its release?

Sources: IGN, Gamespot

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