Have a Shave and get Some Free PS3 Downloadable Content

Free PS3 DLC

In a slightly strange marketing move, Sony has teamed up with shaving specialists Edge and Schick to bring gamers some limited edition PlayStation 3 packs. The packs will not only have fancy designs on them, they will include free downloadable content for Killzone 3, Gran Turismo 5 and the incoming inFAMOUS 2. The packs will be hitting stores nationwide starting today, and will contain a voucher code redeemable on the Edge website.

The free content that comes with the special packs will only be exclusive on the Gran Turismo 5 packs, the reward being a a customized Chevy Camaro SS “Edge Special.” For Killzone 3, players will have the choice of the Retro Map Pack, featuring two maps from Killzone 2, or three Unlock Points to use on any weapon or ability available. Finally, for the yet-to-be-released inFAMOUS 2, players will get a special power, the "Sniper Blast" which will allow them to take out enemies from a distance.

This offer is a pretty decent one, especially for the Killzone 3 pack, which looks to be the most valuable of the bunch. The same content would cost $5 on the PSN store. Some would say shaving just got a lot more fun!

Whilst many will rejoice at the news that the mere chore of having a shave will bring free DLC with it, many others stand to lose out, most notably women. This campaign seems to suggest that most gamers are men, with beards. Why didn't Sony want to use the equivalent women's products to market games also? It's not like the codes couldn't be passed on by wives, mothers and even grandmothers to family members. Obviously Sony know who plays their games, and the majority of those players may be adolescent males, but it would cause no harm sparing a thought for the female gamer community.

What do you think of this marketing? Will you be buying any of these products in order to score the accompanying DLC?

Source: PlayStation Blog

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